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  1. Got some decent rain and delays in today's practice. Got finished with warm-ups just in time to have to go seek shelter for lightning. Waited for the "all clear," got back outside ran one snap on a drill and had to go right back in. Figured we'd have about 15 minutes in practice at second "all clear" so just texted parents to come get their kids. At least got to discuss gamplan for Sunday with the coaches ... assuming no lightning on Sunday.
  2. If they play like they played against WL, it'll be a good game. If they play like they did against Tipton, it's going to be a long game. It's going to take time for them to get the new system down and kind of shake last season out of the system. I think we're probably looking at a couple of seasons or so to get rhythm going.
  3. Same rules apply when eating Wagonmasters with the SouthNewton crew as does with with working on a lawnmower: if you value your fingers, keep them clear of the moving parts.
  4. I'm surprised this didn't turn into a p/p battle. See what you started. 😁 Seriously, I recall when Coach O'Shea came to LCC and folks claimed that he could only win with p/p talent as he was around 50/50 at Attica and McCutcheon. Those of us who saw him at LCC knew that he was a very good coach and does a great job maximizing whatever he's got in the way of talent. While I hated to see him leave LCC, I'm happy to see his success and wish him lots more as he hopefully puts the naysayers to rest.
  5. Agreed. I would expect that investment in program beats race of players and number of free lunches hands down. There are lots of folks around here that don't seem to understand that correlation and causation are two different things. There's a really high correlation between someone who dies and the sun rising on the day that they die ... there's not a whole lot of causation though of the rising sun and dead people ... outside of vampires caught out in the streets in the morning. 🙂
  6. I'm sorry, but that's not what the data shows. I already posted the data graphs for racial makeup. The 2017-2018 enrollment data from IDOE data shows 55.6% Black students at Warren Central and North Central at 40%. Warren Central https://compass.doe.in.gov/dashboard/overview.aspx?type=school&id=5361 North Central https://compass.doe.in.gov/dashboard/overview.aspx?type=school&id=5451
  7. Now that there's funny, I don't care who you are. Looks like an early retirement package for you Gonzo. 😀
  8. I'm not seeing the data supporting your point. But given where you are going with this, how would you explain Hammond? Very similar percentage of Black students to WC and a lot more free lunches.
  9. Both schools are minority majority... with the maximum White population being less than 1/3. White student differential between the schools is less than 9%. The Black population difference between the schools is negligible despite the fact that it's a 15% difference as the lower limit is at least 40% given that the state Black population is just a tad over 9%.. As for free lunches, if you are looking at less than 60-65% paid lunches, then you are looking at schools that end up in the same bundling. Now, if you want to talk significant differences in the MIC, then take a look at Carmel. Now THAT'S a significant differential. Or Center Grove
  10. Here's the general demographics of the schools themeselves by IDOE. Not so significantly different demographic and socio-economic profiles. Warren Central: North Central:
  11. You do realize the irony of posting that statement in a thread about a private school not having numbers to stay in 1A.
  12. Texas plays 6-on-6 and Oklahoma plays 8-on-8.
  13. It is my understanding that, for PUBLIC schools, the IHSAA has made it one class minimum and that cannot be altered by the schools ... i.e., the school can't impose additional class requirements [edit: that make it exclusionary]. There are several other items that are in play that minimizes the system being "gamed." Typically, this is for homeschooled students only; however, the wording of the IHSAA regulations require that the student must be enrolled in a non-public, non-accredited program full-time. Almost every individual homeschool falls into this category. In other words, the degree will be issued by the homeschool, not by the public school that they share time with. My two kids that have graduated both have high school degrees from my wife and me as we are the homeschool entity even though my kids took half of their high school classes at Jeff. There may be some non-public, non-accredited schools out there, but there aren't many. As such, public schools can't get most private school kids to play on public school teams ... because most private schools tend to have accreditation. Also, the guideline only allows for this in public schools, so private schools can't use homeschoolers period. In addition to the one class, the homeschooler must also pass all state-wide tests that are required of the public school students at that school. Also, the homeschooler must have been in a non-public, non-accredited program for three consecutive years prior to joining in on the public school's team. This keeps the system from being gamed and is probably the biggest item in place. Of course, all other eligibility rules exists as well that can be applicable like player age, player grades ... although those are almost solely tied to the public school class(es).
  14. Not specifically true. With a petition, they can play for a different district ... just like a public school kid who gets sign-off from his old school to transfer into another school out of district. As I mentioned, my kids are homeschooled and have attended / are attending the school in the district where we live. As homeschoolers, we can petition to enroll our kids in a different district provided that the current district and other district are both in agreement.
  15. Yes, depending on the open enrollment policies in the area. My kids are homeschooled and we have/had three in the high school part-time in the district where we live, but LSC and TSC have fairly liberal policies regarding students crossing between each others districts. These two, however, are in direct proximity to each other. I expect it would be different if you were talking about a kid jumping over a district to attend or in an area where that open-/fluid-enrollment isn't applicable.