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  1. Here's a link for elite college recruits ... https://www.sbnation.com/college-football-recruiting/2017/1/30/14375298/college-football-recruiting-state-rankings-population-capita
  2. But once biting was deemed illegal in football, that Indiana advantage disappeared. 🙂
  3. foxbat

    NFHS Rules Changes

    Had a situation where a kid came out of the backfield on a pitch sweep to the end ... with his mouthpiece tucked in the top of his facemask. He was flagged. He'd also been given a before-start-of-play warning, with no penalty or yards imposed, earlier in the game. While I certainly appreciate that there would be no way to discern if a mouthpiece had been knocked out during a play, seeing it tucked in the helmet takes out several "uncertainties" about whether it was there at the start of the play. Maybe that's considered a "bad call," but given the previous warning and the mouthpiece tucked in the facemask during the game, there was no argument from anyone on the field.
  4. We have folks right now playing in their assigned class getting griped at for playing in their assigned class instead of one or two classes up. I can't imagine petitioning going down being welcomed graciously unless a team is 0-9 for several seasons in a row.
  5. foxbat

    NFHS Rules Changes

    I don't have a problem with stopping play before it happens and making correction with no yardage walked off. But I've also seen situations, like mouth pieces, that aren't caught until after the play starts. In the case that it's caught before the play, you take the player off for the play ... no yards. In the case that it's caught after the play starts, there's a yardage penalty involved. We've used that type of similar rule for over a decade and a half and it's worked well for instruction as well as reinforcement.
  6. foxbat

    NFHS Rules Changes

    Wouldn't that make it a bigger risk to attempting this than risking an onside kick? Typically, if you kick from the 40 and execute an onside kick, and aren't successful, the receiving team usually gets the ball somewhere between their 45 and the 50. In this alternative, an unsuccessful attempt gives the "receiving" team the ball somewhere between the kicking team's 20 and 34. Which ups the penalty for being unsuccessful, at best, an additional 16-30 yards. It would seem that if the kickoff is eliminated, but an alternate type of onside solution is offered that it would be relatively neutral to the original onside kick risks.
  7. foxbat

    NFHS Rules Changes

    I'm assuming that #5 is to increase the number of touchbacks which would decrease the potential for impacts. I don't have an issue with that, but it becomes moot if #9 is affirmative. I'm against the idea of doing away with the kickoff, #9, all together; specifically for the potential for onsides kicks to give teams an opportunity to close the gap toward the end of a game or spread the gap. Since we have rules in place like the maximum start range for the kick team to avoid folks from getting a 20-yard headstart and coming in like a missile, that makes the potential for recovery lower as well as the potential for injury. For #1, I actually like the idea of the penalty imposing yards for equipment ... especially if the equipment infraction is tied direct to safety of the player or other players. I'm OK taking them out for a play, without penalty yards, if the infraction is something not tied to safety ... for example, if on the previous play, the tackle resulted in one of the jersey numbers being ripped semi-free of the jersey. I especially like the idea of penalty yards for safety-related items because of the trickle-down effect into the youth leagues and makes it easier to push that idea of equipment safety early in the process both for players and coaches. For #6, I thought that tripping had always been illegal ... both on carriers and non-carriers. For #7, I'd vote "no" ... solely because it would kill off about two weeks worth of post-championship threads on GID. 🙂
  8. I didn't necessarily mean the make-up of the conferences was entrenched, but rather that the idea of conferences were entrenched. Schools will always have the option of asking to join a conference or being invited or denied, but there's an "autonomy" to that situation that. You do bring up another item though and the issue of districts might be tied to something like this ... limited post-season action. Coming from Texas, the idea of the districts are to group like-sized schools together and then the post-season aspect is based on placement in the district. 50% or less of teams make it to post-season based on district play/standing. That way they don't play with Sagarin or scoring formulas, etc. What would be a strong point of Indiana going to districts if there isn't a tie-in to also potential limiting the post-season participation?
  9. Probably unlikely to happen unless forced upon schools. Conferences are a bit too entrenched at this point. A tipping point might be a compromise where the districts are five/six-school districts and you are left to fill in another four/five games of your schedule. Outside of that, I can't imagine schools/coaches chomping at the bit to vote for it.
  10. At the time of our Founding Fathers though, realize that the idea of "all encompassing" education was not yet something that was a given. It wouldn't be until almost a half century later that the concept of universal education in the US would start to emerge. As such, while an argument that the FF didn't envision a world in which God wouldn't mentioned on school property, the argument can also be a question that the masses as a hold wouldn't have been specifically in their mindset as who would be in the schools ... a fairly targeted group. I don't disagree that they may not have foreseen that or actually didn't think it needed to be detailed, but the idea of "the normal" for our Founding Fathers might well have been different if there were atheists, Hindus, and poly-theists among their ranks in numbers. I also don't see it as an issue of God not being mentioned on school property, just without the "authority," perceived or real, of the school behind it.
  11. I've heard this from other teams that have just a 6th grade team. Have you guys considered going to something like: K-1st Flag (In house only, flag doesn't travel) 2nd-4th Minor Tackle 5th-6th Major Tackle This would give the ability to still field 6th graders without having to worry about stretching them thin where the team may have to potentially cancel a season on numbers or be light in a few places. Our program runs 3rd-4th and 5th-6th. We don't usually have the issue of the 7th grade grabbing 6th graders, but if it did happen, we'd be in a better position to maybe absorb such a hit.
  12. foxbat

    Hoosier Conference 2019

    Did both schools sign off on the *wink* *wink* non-athletic transfer mid-semester? 😀
  13. Actually, I would assume that the "broad jump" is so much safer.
  14. Scarier still were these lines from the article ... emphasis is mine: That being said, both Whitlow and Kim caution against making their findings out to be more than what they are: preliminary results from a single study with a relatively small number of participants. "We don't know what it means," says Whitlow. "The natural next question is, do these changes persist over time? Do they accumulate with multiple seasons? And then No. 3, probably the most important: Do they have any relevance to long-term health?" The results, presented at a medical meeting, haven't been published in a peer-reviewed journal. Whitlow says that the team is working on a paper to be submitted to a journal.