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  1. Soccer and dance. My boys are young, 13 and 8, but these two activities have done wonders for their footwork, stamina, and flexibility. My oldest played soccer before football and is playing again. He's not a fast kid, but he has quick feet. This worked out well for him in his positions as fullback and defensive end as well as offensive line when he played that. He's not a big kid, but he's solid and his ability to get into position and use leverage and body control have helped him a bunch. While he's classically trained in ballet, his passion is breakdance and hip-hop. A lot of the breakdancing stuff required him to work on his core and body balance. He has really good upper-body strength ... he has body control like a gymnast. We've also seen benefits in his baseball play with the quick feel at his 3rd base position. The younger one is classically-trained in ballet and has very good footwork and flexibility. He's young right now, so most of his ballet work is tied to footwork; however, is sister is part of a ballet company and he does planks with her as she works on her core. He's not a big kid, but he's got very good abdominal tone and body balance. His footwork in baseball is also very good too. My younger son is too much of a football bigot to play soccer ... gives his brother a bunch of grief all the time about playing a sport where you can't use your hands and you get in trouble when you hit someone ... but I'm hoping that he might get involved in soccer so as I think it will also help him more with his footwork.
  2. So where would things start? Would the playoffs be something more akin to Texas where roughly 20% of the schools make it to the playoffs ... actually it's roughly 40%, but Texas has two divisions for each of the classes and that's tied heavily to the idea of resources/scheduling for so many teams? Or would it be a bit more forgiving whereas the idea would be to still have more participation possible in the tournament without having all in ... e.g., something like 75% make it, so you start with 0-9 teams being cut out, then 1-8, and then 2-7 with some type of tie-breaking model worked in? Or would we just start at a 50% target with the idea that a team must win x of 8/9 to automatically qualify with more being possible, but only is a set number of teams (e.g., 50%) haven't been satisfied yet by the x of 8/9?
  3. foxbat

    Sectional 42

    Round 1: LCC over North White Tri-County over North Miami Pioneer over South Newton Carroll over Frontier Round 2 [semifinal] LCC over Tri-County Pioneer over Carroll Round 3 [final] LCC vs Pioneer ... saving it for the CFWM as I'm sure it'll be a 2- or 3-pointer
  4. The question is whether those meetings with West Lafayette, Western, Guerin, and Tri-West, among others, were just time-killers on Friday nights or produce results for the tourney. Unfortunately, we get Pioneer in sectionals, so there are only a couple of data points at best to get some idea about the schedule impact. One thing that's certainly different this year is the feeling/attitude this season. I think last season, it may have been more like, "When is this season going to end?" This season, I think the guys are much more excited about post-season play ... even with that big potential game looming with Pioneer should LCC prevail in the first couple sectional rounds.
  5. foxbat

    Hoosier Conference Pick 'Em Sectional Round 1

    Don't want to be on the road ... or off the road as the case may be ... with them Texas drivers. Those guys make Ricky Bobby look like a driver's ed teacher.
  6. foxbat

    Hoosier Conference Pick 'Em Sectional Round 1

    Closing the gap ... bit by bit ... and this week looks like my chance to be that crazy guy that comes flying up from way back on the highway and then pulls in front of you and brakes.
  7. foxbat

    Hoosier Conference Pick 'Em Sectional Round 1

    1 Point Games Andrean @ Benton Central West Lafayette @ Calumet Northwestern @ Blackford Speedway @ Tipton North White @ Lafayette Central Catholic Twin Lakes @ Clark 2 Point Games Hamilton Heights @ North Montgomery Eastern @ Cass 3 Point Games Western @ Mississinewa Wheeler @ Hanover Central South Central @ West Central Tri-County @ North Miami 4 Point Games Angola @ Culver Military Delphi @ Rensselaer
  8. foxbat

    Success points

    Move up ... No. Maintain ... Yes. You need 6 to move up and you get only 1 for a sectional and 4 for state, so no way to move up if you only attained a sectional last season. To stay in a class, if you moved up, you need three, I believe. As such, a sectional last year means you only need a regional to maintain. In 42, I think LCC is the only potential chance to derail Pioneer ... and that a really long shot at this point. Not sure if there's anything waiting at regional that could worry Pioneer either.
  9. The coached that grabbed me was a guy who coached for a single year and wasn't very good at football, mentoring, leading, or much of anything ... made a lasting impression on me though and is a prime model for what I don't want to be as a coach. Had plenty of tough coaches in my day ... plenty of tough teachers as well. Been yelled at and had my manhood questioned on a sideline too. I think the players and parents that I coach can attest that I'm not soft on the players by any stretch. I like to believe that I'm somewhere between participation trophies and that coach that I had. I'm right there with you. The punishment at school was the least of my concerns.
  10. I grew up under that regime as well and, for the most part, folks were reasonable with the discipline aspects. At the same time though, there were those who took license with that environment and did things that probably should have been ruled assault. Even on the coaching side, I recall one year as a player a coach picking me up by the face mask and shaking me because a player on the field had missed a block ... yep, he wasn't even made at me per se, I just happened to be close by. I recall, even in 4th grade wondering, "Why is it a fifteen yard penalty if I grab the runner and bring him down in a tackle by the facemask and my coach can just grab me, lift me up, and shake me on the sideline by the facemask?"
  11. So no one's going to offer their predictions/thoughts on the crossover games? Here are mine again: WL @ Tipton for 1st LCC @ Western for 3rd RC @ Cass for 5th TL @ HH for 7th BC @ NW for 9th West takes it this year 3-2.
  12. foxbat

    Hoosier Conference Cross Over Pick 'Em

    1 Point Games Twin Lakes @ Hamilton Heights Lafayette Central Catholic @ Western Benton Central @ Northwestern Rensselaer @ Cass North Newton @ Tri-County Logansport @ Muncie Central Calumet @ Wheeler Crawfordsville @ Frankfort DeKalb @ Leo Fishers @ Zionsville Goshen @ Wawasee Greensburg @ Rushville Kankakee Valley @ Munster Mishawaka @ Penn Park Tudor @ Frontier Whitko @ Wabash Rochester @ Maconaquah West Lafayette @ Tipton Bremen @ Culver Academy Hobart @ Lowell
  13. There's a reason that the term "cluster" was involved. 😀 Lord, I apologize for that.
  14. foxbat

    Sampson James

    I don't think education's always secondary either. There are kids who probably could have played ball that didn't even attempt to play and instead focus on their academics. I have to also believe that there are some who do make it that still have their academics as first.
  15. LCC's most likely hope to see that Wing-T variant then looks to probably be Tri-County if both teams make it to the second round of Sectional 42. There'll be no complaints about seeding then in Sectional 42. 😀
  16. Good draw for LCC getting a chance at Tri-County if they get past North White for a chance to meet Pioneer. If all works right, LCC will get to play at home this year. My predictions: Round 1: LCC over North White Tri-County over North Miami Pioneer over South Newton Carroll over Frontier Round 2 [semifinal] LCC over Tri-County Pioneer over Carroll Round 3 [final] LCC vs Pioneer ... saving it for the CFWM as I'm sure it'll be a 2- or 3-pointer
  17. Projections? Here are mine: WL @ Tipton for 1st LCC @ Western for 3rd RC @ Cass for 5th TL @ HH for 7th BC @ NW for 9th West takes it this year 3-2.
  18. It's Cathedral vs. Center Grove. Don't really need a "reason" for it to be fun ... it will be anyway. Two premier teams in Indiana with storied coaches and storied programs. Also, I'm not seeing your premise about "holding back" in the stats. The last four meetings by these two teams, which are the only four shown by Harrell's since 1994, have been decided by 7 or less points with one being decided in overtime. I doubt Cathedral "dogs" it in any of their games and, while I'm less familiar with Center Grove, I'm highly doubtful that they "dog" it either ... especially when given a chance to knock off Cathedral.
  19. It ends up being a bottom-up approach as opposed to a top-down approach. That's when you typically see that multi-step method used.
  20. It sounds like @scatwas saying it was a two-step break. The first was to figure out who would be eliminated based on points, THEN they took whomever was left and applied the tie-breaker again. The first would have been points allowed, which TL would have lost based on their big loss to RCHS. Then in the second application of a tie-breaker, LCC beat RCHS head-to-head. I've seen a multi-step tiebreaker done before, but usually they try to have a one-shot approach ... in a one-shot approach, RCHS would have come out on top in both points against and differential.
  21. Hoosier West - West Lafayette
  22. I suspect that the tied-breaker is probably set up now like a baseball tourney seeding: Head-to-head in conference division Points allowed in conference division Points scored in conference division Differential in the case of three-way ties is the above don't resolve If that's the case, then LCC edges out RCHS in conference with just 100 points allowed across their four division conference games. West Division CONFERENCE ALL GAMES W-L Pts OP W-L Pts OP Streak West Lafayette 4-0 224 34 8- 0 429 90 Won 8 Rensselaer 2-2 139 116 5- 3 270 183 Won 2 Twin Lakes 2-2 121 143 4- 4 242 286 Lost 1 Central Catholic 2-2 116 100 3- 5 223 216 Won 1 Benton Central 0-4 21 228 0- 8 30 454 Lost 8