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  1. Cow bells are a lot less annoying along the fence at the 15 yard line 😉
  2. I heard cowbells from both sides Friday!
  3. Awfully quite on here today. How is Eastbrook's passing attack?
  4. I just look at it like Pioneer had a season of practices lol. They could run any and every play they wanted to better themselves. How many games did Pioneer have their 2nds in after halftime?
  5. Pioneer by 4 scores at least. Just my thoughts...
  6. BremenFan

    2A Regional Whiting at Bremen

    Someone took someone to the woodshed....
  7. BremenFan

    2A Regional Whiting at Bremen

    WSBT app says it's 32 degrees but feels like 21. 14 mph winds. Should be a fun game!
  8. BremenFan

    Regional Broadcasts

    3 pages to click through... http://www.broadcastsport.net/Broadcasts Basketball.aspx
  9. 3A Mishawaka Marian or 4A Mishawaka? Or both lol?
  10. I would love to see more gutsy calls. A 2-point conversion, onside kick, fake punt....all unexpected and maybe even unnecessary at that particular point in the game. It would definitely make things more interesting and put the other team on their heals.
  11. BremenFan

    Triton Coach Steps Down

    Yes, Bourbon it is.
  12. Cooks Pizza in Wakarusa. Yes it's still there and it's still awesome!
  13. Carey was my stepmom's cousin. I remember going to the massive viewing at the high school and could not believe the amount of people that showed up to pay their respects.
  14. There are plenty of Michiana match-ups I'd love to see. Can someone help me out comparing sizes of schools? Niles is equal to who? Cassopolis is equal to who? Edwargsburg? Etc...