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  1. Huh maybe I should double check on these things before I hit send. I was thinking the sectional championship was more recent.
  2. Either you or the Digest probably meant Franklin Community. Franklin County is a 4A school.
  3. The Senators of West Washington have been awful good of late to be left off of this list completely.
  4. mbennett40

    2014 Hoosier Hills Conference

    No doubt multiple sports can use it, it's a great investment. Franklin Central doesn't have turf either as far as 6A's w/out it. A new found belief in the fact that they can be successful and veterans on the coaching staff is going to go a long way in determining the success of the Madison Cubs. The HHC gets them ready for their sectional, they can snag an extra win or 2 if they can stay away from East. Staying away from East is everyone's goal in Sectional 23 though.
  5. Is this 12 days with pads total? For instance if you had 2 scrimmages does that mean you can have 10 "pro-padded" practices in house? Or is it 5 and 7 regardless?