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  1. Off In The Yard

    Michiana Pick'Em 2018 Week 13

    Congrats to @Colts4girls for beating Off in the Yard in the blind draw tournament. Good luck the rest of the way!
  2. Off In The Yard

    Sectional 19 Thoughts?

    Fixed it for you Although it does bring up painful memories of losing 31-30 in OT last year to Angola I agree though, it should be a great game. Should be great games from here on out with the top teams we have left.
  3. Off In The Yard

    Prayers for Tippy Valley

    https://www.gofundme.com/family-lost-3-kids-at-bus-stop this is for the funeral costs https://www.gofundme.com/maverik-medical-bills-and-relief this is for the injured 11 yo boy
  4. Off In The Yard


    Prayers from Culver
  5. Off In The Yard

    HNAC Sectional Round 2

    Judson cruising 42-12 about 7:30 left in the game
  6. FWIW, Culver Military started playing football in 1896.
  7. Off In The Yard

    Sectional 19 Thoughts?

    What the heck, NW by 42 EN by 20 NR by 14 CMA by 2
  8. Off In The Yard

    Sectional 41

    Well, the post before it has them losing to Triton and WC. Man those Cavs are going to be worn out from playing so many games in one night.
  9. Off In The Yard

    NLC - 2018

    Not much in the way of dining aside from chains in the Plymouth area. Brass Rail is good. Pizza Bills is a local place with decent food. Yvonnes in downtown has really good authentic Mexican food/drink.
  10. Off In The Yard

    Sectional 19 Thoughts?

    While I think this will be a good old fashioned slobberknocker of a game, I think it would take 3 or 4 OTs for Culver to score 28. This game will be a battle between 2 very good defenses. I think this game comes down to turnovers and the last possession.
  11. Off In The Yard

    NIC Regular Season Edns

    Doubtful. Would be a good fit though.
  12. Off In The Yard

    Sectional 19 Thoughts?

    Interesting from Twitter: 46 WHME Sports‏ @46Sports Tourney tidbit: Most total wins of any sectional in state...43 in Sectional 19 (@PlymouthRockies, @NWHS_Football, @ENKnightsFB, @BaronFootball, @fb_raiders, @AngolaFootball, @CulverFootball) tied with Sectional 35 (@RochesterZebras)
  13. Off In The Yard

    Sectional 19 Thoughts?

    Hopefully it lives up to the OT game from last years sectional final but with a different outcome.
  14. Off In The Yard

    Sectional 19 Thoughts?

    On paper, it is set up nicely for a Northwood/Angola championship. But we don't play on paper and almost all of these teams have a shot to win it . No matter who wins, they will be battle tested for sure.
  15. Off In The Yard

    Sectional 19 Thoughts?

    So you flip Plymouth for Wawasee and it becomes balanced a little better. For a blind draw, this worked out pretty good. When there are 7 of 8 teams with a .500 or better record, 2 teams with good records are going to have to face each other in round 1. Sure it isn't ideal to play in back to back weeks but until there is seeding, it is something that teams will have to deal with.