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  1. hoosierfootball55

    PAC Conference 2014

    I look for Tell City to beat Perry Central for the third straight year. Both usually have a solid running game.(both lost a lot of player's). I'm also eager to see if heritage hills can bounce back after a slump.
  2. hoosierfootball55

    PAC Conference 2014

    Very tough loss, george was perfect for the program. I just hope we can find someone, that's something like 4 different coaches in 6 years
  3. hoosierfootball55

    PAC Conference 2014

    Tell city football program just took a big hit yesterday. Head football coach Ryan George resigned from tell city. He and his family are moving. That's understandable, but just when we got back up on our feet we get knocked down again.
  4. hoosierfootball55

    Tell city vs Southridge

    It was probably the most tense game i have watched in a long time i just wish tc could have pulled it out. Not a dull moment thats for sure
  5. hoosierfootball55

    Tell city vs Southridge

    Not sure if mater dei and s.r play in the next game? but it should be a great one to watch if thats the case. Good luck 2a teams. Marksmen will be back next year. Hopefulluy the passing game balances out the offense. Because brown is a senior next year and all defensive eyes are going to be waitinfg for the run. But thats my 2 cents...chow
  6. hoosierfootball55

    Tell city vs Southridge

    Thanks for the respect. Southridge is going to go far. I reqlly felt bad for the seniors tonight when they came off the field. I about had a stroke when brown and the ref ran into eachother. I think brown would have scored on that play. But no excuses. Both teams fought to the death and southridge jjust happened to come on top. I do think if our qb would have been a lil more comfortable in the pocket we wouldnt of had so many turn overs. But he made some plays. Hope next year is just as tense as this year has been with us
  7. hoosierfootball55

    Tell city vs Southridge

    Yeah that play cost thwm the game but it was a awesome game
  8. hoosierfootball55

    Tell city vs Southridge

    Best of luck to all pac teams tonight
  9. hoosierfootball55

    Programs getting it turned around.

    Tell city. Coach george is doing great things
  10. hoosierfootball55

    Tell city vs Southridge

    I agree to your last sentence. I was just saying if a team executed it correctly i takes a tuff minded defense to get everyone to play their positions once the qb leaves the backfield waiting for a chance to pitch it or keep it. Because everyones first thought on defense is tackle! Once they see a ball carrier
  11. hoosierfootball55

    Tell city vs Southridge

    90 percent of teams cannot throw the ball consistantly other than gibson( i hated saying that lol) a star qb is hard to come by in small schools like in southern indiana. Thats why i always wonered why more teams didnt use it.. if u can make your team execute it properly its flawless. The qb can handoff to fb, keep it, or pich it to rb. It does take some knowledge from the qb to make right read. But hell u can make linebackers heads spin on whats going to happen. and if you did decide to throw they wouldnt see it coming most likely If a teambhad speed in the backfield and not very good WRs and a weak qb why not? Please give me some input
  12. hoosierfootball55

    Tell city vs Southridge

    I was just wondering and its off topic does anybody use the triple option? I think if a team could use it right it would be deadly
  13. hoosierfootball55

    Tell city vs Southridge

    Oh i know that cant be denied but i think tell citys intentions were to have a 1,2 punch with miller and brown. Brown is obviously the better back in most cases. Miller might be better on the 5 yard line..
  14. hoosierfootball55

    Tell city vs Southridge

    Miller is a pretty good back too. He had a rib injury at the perry central game and i dont think hes seen as much playing time since brown took the whole show.
  15. hoosierfootball55

    Spencer County War !

    Idk how old any of u are but back in the day tell city used to dominate when they had tally and mike spencer as coaches. Now look at the oast 10-15 years. Is heritage going to get cursed too? By that i mean a major flip in the program