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  1. .. I agree with you a lot on these issues.. I see a combination of lack of discipline by Snider's offense in avoiding penalties that are obvious such as motion, offsides, etc that are not judgement calls, I notice some referees like to call certain penalty types like 'holding', block in back, personal fouls (on defence) etc. that are legitimate and some that are very questionable. (not an issue for this game however).. I have noticed that some teams seem to get away with things more than other teams.. It does seem to me that some people, teams, whoever are being scrutinized more than others based on past history.. Maybe it's just our imaginations, but there is a reason for our speculation over repeated history.. I know I'm leaving myself open to criticism by typing in this comment, but I believe I understand what you are feeling and saying.. This has been an ongoing issue people gripe about in the stands, in the bars, and other places where game discussions take place.. OTHER THAN THAT:, I have noticed the same thing about the execution in this game by Snider in all phases of the game, and I was pretty impressed with our performance against an outstanding football team in Dwenger, and dealing with the poor field conditions especially.. 🙂
  2. TennBobcat

    Snider Panthers

    . . Oh it was just fabulous 🙂
  3. .. An absolute disgrace for a city the size of Ft Wayne with a competitive football culture and the money there is in this city. . I bet Spuller (at Northrop) will be at that level (if not already) by the time their game is finished tonight.. Snider has the luxury of playing on both fields every year.. Imagine Concordia and Dwenger sharing this field and making deep playoff runs with the more than likely foul weather to come.. All because not enough people want to collectively raise and spend the friggin' money on a decent durable playing surface.. Ridiculous.. Meanwhile look at the rest of the state.. Now watch, there'll be someone that will want to argue against this comment..
  4. TennBobcat

    SAC week 8

    . . Homestead by 17?. . At Wayne?. .
  5. TennBobcat

    Snider Panthers

    I guess I got a little alarmed about seeing there are only 6 seniors on the team, and that, if true, would only be a fluke happening.. I should have checked more into that before making that statement.. I kind of laugh at myself now that I was so quick to believe there are only six seniors on a traditional football power and school that size.. I have also noticed that on those rare 'down' or rebuilding (not reloading) years, that within a year or two, they have exceptionally good teams..
  6. TennBobcat

    Snider Panthers

    .. For a school it's size and the tradition and pride this program has/had it is mind boggling to me.. There must have been something happen we don't know about that caused this.. I wonder how many underclassmen we will be seeing come back, and how many move ins that will be looking to be part of our program in the future.. I pray a great tradition is not dying.. I put that 'confused' icon on your post because I just don't understand why the strange phenomena.
  7. TennBobcat

    Snider Panthers

    . . The question I have is: Why? . .
  8. TennBobcat

    What does PENN Have to do?

    Didn't Penn schedule Homewood-Flossmoor for next season, a one time gig?.. or did that change?..
  9. . . That does sound like a good idea, what Ohio does during the playoffs.. Yes it is nice to have a grass field that is always kept in great condition, and not overused.. Carroll (Ft Wayne) is a good example..
  10. TennBobcat

    SAC week 6

    . . Did it ever occur to you that it may NOT have been that sensitive of a situation?.. There have been other cases of players that were suspended or kicked of the team that were mentioned and discussed on this forum, as you can see the names of these players have already been brought up so it is only natural that inquiring minds want to know.. It appears that you get off on chiming in on things just to be a smart***.. This isn't the first time I've seen you do this.. I believe my questions and responses are also appropriate. .
  11. TennBobcat

    SAC week 6

    I am very good friends with Snider coaches and administrators since the mid 70's and I see them often on and off the field.. If they don't want to or not allowed to disclose any information, that is their business.. That is why I said I will go there (to a practice) again like I do so often anyway.. I also mentioned that if it is sensitive information, I will honor their request if told to me not to mention anything about that on this forum. I hope I made that clear.. What is it to you anyway, why are you replying to this post of mine in the manner you just did?.. Perhaps I'm closer to the coaches, players, fans, students, and administrators than you know.. Btw, I did find out what happened just before making this reply, and I'm not saying anything more about it..
  12. TennBobcat

    SAC week 6

    Yes, it does some years. Some players higher profile than others, but yes, I've seen this sort of thing happen several times over the years over different issues.. Sometimes it could be drinking, smoking pot, criminal activity, academic issues, girlfriend issues, disrespecting coaches, etc.. Snider coaches and administrators are quite strict with these things.. Oh, btw, I mentioned earlier on this thread that I was going to head on over to a practice to find out what the hell was going on there, but something came up at my home and I was unable to get there on time.. It may have been a sensitive issue that I may not have been at liberty to discuss on this forum.. Oh well, I'm sure we'll find out by game time tomorrow night..
  13. TennBobcat

    SAC week 6

    I hate seeing anything like this happening to ANY school, anywhere.. I can only imagine at this moment what the issues are.. I remember when I was in high school, our coaches drilled into us about how misconduct and violation of team rules and the repercussions not only will punish the violators, but also let down the team, the school, and the fans, and that the rules have been set, and must be enforced to uphold the integrity of the program.. To think of all the time, effort, dedication, and so much more involved in all this coming to a screeching halt is enough to turn my stomach.. I can only pray that there may be a chance for redemption, and will know soon..
  14. TennBobcat

    SAC week 6

    . . I guess I'll have to head on over to practice tonight to find out what the hell happened this time..
  15. TennBobcat

    SAC week 6

    . . Here we go again. . DAMMIT! . .