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  1. www.thejaygravesreport.com/how-kristof-kendrick-has-howe-purrin-like-a-kitten-at-the-right-time-on-and-poppin/
  2. East Central oh yeah!
  3. Sagarin predicts East Central by one. Calpreps predict Lowell by two. Go East Central.
  4. Cardinal Ritter moved to 3A based on enrollment. Their enrollment is slightly above Northwestern and Greencastle who remained in class 3A. http://www.ihsaa.org/Portals/0/ihsaa/documents/quick resources/021317Enrollments.pdf
  5. Nearly everyone predicted undefeated Eastern Hancock and their D1 running back Spencer Gilbert would walk all over Tri Central at Lucas Oil Stadium in 2013. The actual game was just the opposite.
  6. I've never considered Scecina as a recruiting school for football. However, their basketball team has no members from east deanery feeder schools. Their head coach is a multi millionaire and co-owner of Best Choice Fieldhouse in Fishers. He could afford to pay full non-Catholic tuition for the entire varsity basketball team and it would be merely a third the cost of that $275K custom charter coach they're riding around in.
  7. I was stunned at what I saw on the live stream. It's been a very long time since any team has manhandled Cathedral like that.
  8. Howe

    SemiState Scores

    They laid some vicious hits on Lutheran receivers.
  9. Howe

    SemiState Scores

    Eastern Greene 12 Lutheran 8 Final
  10. Howe

    SemiState Scores

    Eastern Greene 12 Lutheran 8 Eastern Greene recovers fumble with 30 seconds remaining
  11. Howe

    SemiState Scores

    Eastern Greene 12 Lutheran 8 2:17 remaining
  12. Howe

    SemiState Scores

    Lutheran 8 Eastern Greene 6 6:15 in 3rd
  13. Howe

    SemiState Scores

    East is manhandling and bullying Cathedral on both sides of the ball.
  14. Howe

    SemiState Scores

    Traffic gets crazy on Arlington Avenue when Lutheran plays. I would not be surprised if some one took out a powerline pole.