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  1. Sorry If a team is running a zone read and the quarterback is carrying out the fake then he is live. Defenses are taught to defend against the read option by playing assignment football. If you don't want your quarterback getting hit then don't run the zone read!
  2. Thank you. Like I said, until yesterday I've never heard anyone speak a bad word about Coach Johnson or his staff. As a blazer fan and a season ticket holder, I know for a fact that their numbers are down. For the last few years they've had less than 50 kids on the sideline. I don't think it is Bush to leave the starters in so much at it is to preserve quarters for the other two games remaining that week. Still waiting for Indian72...
  3. Indian72 and black_gold2007, would either of you care to elaborate on your comments about coach Johnson and his staff. From what I know and understand, coach Johnson is a man of the highest character, both socially and professionally. His reputation as an educator and as an administrator are impeccable. Excuse me if I sound skeptical but, from what I know and have heard, I don't think that he'd tolerate "bush" from his staff!
  4. Blazertillidie

    WEEK # 3 in the NIC

    I wouldn't sell the Blazers short. Last week against Goshen they were playing without two starters who were serving some sort of suspension handed down by Coach Johnson. I think that central may surprise Jimtown, and with one of the suspended players back it opens up things for Allen, who may be one of the best receivers in northern Indiana that you've never heard of.