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  1. It seems slightly skewed considering the strength of schedule of some teams that play only 3A programs that are in 4A and play in an awful sectional in 4A. Mississinewa for example this past year plays mostly 2A and 3A schools, but yet somehow they are ranked higher than other teams who play all 4A programs. No offense to them because I played with Coach Funk in high school, but how does that happen and on top of that, they lost to a 2A program, granted a very good 2A program but nonetheless. I guess I am just standing up for our conference because week in and week out, our conference is tough conference to play in .
  2. And so I am assuming by your saying they play a weak schedule, you are in turn insulting the entire Hoosier Heritage Conference and saying we are a weak conference. Wow, seems like our conference had a lot of state leaders in different aspects of the game the last couple of years.
  3. Goldenbears00

    Evans Brothers Leave Central

    No bitterness here, just trying to uphold the rules of the Forum.
  4. Goldenbears00

    Evans Brothers Leave Central

    We are not allowed through the grape vine statements on here. Surprised you have not been reprimanded by Big brother.
  5. Clearly, I made a mistake in posting anything at all, my apology to anyone that was offended.
  6. All I am saying is that what I said was something in that community already knew, I am not making a bold brand new statement that no one knew. Seems like every person in Hancock county that follows football knew this. Heck, I for one was hoping it was not true since we all are in the same conference together.
  7. Goldenbears00

    Kirschner Resigns from BD

    Thanks for the lecture. I am fully aware. Just stating a fact.
  8. Goldenbears00

    Kirschner Resigns from BD

    Check out the new Mt. Vernon thread, I guess I was right after all about the coaching hire at Mt. Vernon.
  9. So, I guess I was not spreading rumors after all. Weird
  10. Goldenbears00

    Kirschner Resigns from BD

    The speculation that I added involved a coach who both already resigned his position and a school that has no head coach. My bad.
  11. Goldenbears00

    Shelbyville's Pat Parks Stepping Down

    As an assistant coach of Pat's for the last 7 years, there is not a better man and coach than this guy. He is a class act and always put this program ahead of himself. He was always there and always had the interest of the team in the forefront. He was passionate about this sport and it is my great privilege to have had the chance to coach for him. I could go on for a long time, but it is emotional to think about him not being there. Coach Parks, thank you for everything you have done for this team, this community, and for me. Coach, you will be missed out there, but I know you will always be a Golden Bear.
  12. Goldenbears00

    12-1 Monroe Central at 13-0 Pioneer

    I will speak up for Coach Ho, He was my high school coach and he got out of me what I never thought I could. He is the main reason I played DII college football. I am pulling for him in semi-state. Don't know much about Pioneer, but I do know MC will be coached by a hell of a coach. Plus, from Shelbyville and being a golden bearhere, always pulling for the Golden bears.