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  1. With the IHSAA records updated would like to congratulate Southwoods Carson Blair and Peyton Trexler!! Carson Blair #6 in career passing total yardage all time and #9 in single season yardage total all time. Peyton Trexler #3 in career receiving yardage total all time and #2 in single season yardage all time!
  2. Hawg2013

    2017 IFCA 6A All-State

    Fishers with 2 All State tight ends!?! How often does that happen? Must run a lot of double tight. And hats off to Jiya Wright from Homestead but feel like he deserved to be a Top 50 All stater
  3. Hawg2013

    IFCA All State Teams

    Nice to see some 1A small guys getting some love on the top 50 team! And Pioneers Kiser only a Junior! And congrats to Churubusco with 3 All -State players! And one of them only a sophomore! Good question because sometimes you'll get players who don't get All-State but get elected to the North South game
  4. I think it is ridiculous for anyone to try and say the refs or missed calls caused Woodlan to lose this game...for one this picture shows early in the second quarter of a tie football game..with that being said there was way to much game left to say this call cost them the game or play..if Woodlan people are mad that they lost maybe they should have scored more than 1 time out of 6 try's in the red zone...or stop the two point conversion or make the field goal they missed...bottom line the defenses played great..from the stats I've seen and the mistakes I seen this game could have been a lopsided win for either team if "things would have went there way" but they didn't do it was a close 15-14 win for Southridge that's life and that's football so people need to give it up and stop whining the game is over it's history and in the books
  5. Is this the same Sam Zachary who played for Sheridan? And 22? Wow that's crazy to be a head coach and in my opinion is great kudos to that young man..many people would kill to be a head coach at that age
  6. Hawg2013

    NECC 2018

    Eastside will be good as always they are tough team due to the spread offense they run that some have a hard time stopping..really hard to stop if you don't have athletes..but looking for them to be good..think the Dean kid is back and still playing seems like there's always a Dean! Anyone know how many Central Noble will be returning? Since coach Moe claims he returned all 22 starters this past season..if they have a good number of kids coming back they can be successful again..losing the Burgess RB will definately hurt them
  7. Hawg2013

    NECC 2018

    Yes they do and like I said for the 2018 season will have a lot of juniors who have been 3 year started and seniors that have been 3 year starters...really looking ahead for the 2019 season they should be very good also future is looking bright for the Eagles And I believe Buscos JV team went 8-1 only loss to Garrett in a close one
  8. Hawg2013

    NECC 2018

    They return a good amount much more than the year before..and I'm guessing you were referring about the smith kid? He was injured most of the year and wasn't quite the 2000 yard rusher he was the year before..they should be much improved
  9. Hawg2013

    NECC 2018

    Big school division is Angolas to lose they return a good group of kids..QB will be tough to replace...I believe RB is back and if he is he is probably the best in the conference big and small divisions..Garrett will be much closer to them this year though. Small school I think it's Buscos to lose and should run away with it.. only losing 3-4 seniors who started..whole offensive line was all sophomores last year with one junior so returning pretty much entire offensive and defensive line..Wicker kid will be 3 year starter and only going to be a Junior next year was first team all NECC and possibly best lineman in the small school division..they return there 3 year starter QB return entire backfield one will be a senior the other a junior with the other wing that rotates with those two had a great season and will be a junior...FB will be back who filled in for Horn and was All NECC..return entire D-line and secondary..biggest hit will be losing middle linebacker and outside linebacker both All NECC but have multiple guys who got playing time to step up..The Eagles return a lot! Should be a very good football team next year with an excellent coaching staff. BIG SCHOOL DIVISION 1.) Angola 2.) Garrett 3.) West Noble 4.) Lakeland 5.) Fairfield SMALL SCHOOL DIVISION 1.) Churubusco 2.) Eastside 3.) Central Noble 4.) Prarie Heights 5.) Fremont
  10. And another thing that has been unmentioned is the 4 years he started Sheridan went 19-1 in the post season the lone loss in one of the state championship games just simply amazing
  11. That's some serious accolades right there...and it's a shame it's that way because every now and then you will have a 1A player who has the stats and accolades and could also play and start on teams all the way up to 6A...like in my opinion Zachary could have played for anyone in the state and been good
  12. Bummer probably haunted him for a couple years till he started making millions 😂😂
  13. There QB is above average he can definately make some plays and throw the ball well...seen games where he completes probably roughly 60-65 % of his passes for around 250 yards and a couple scores but only issues it's not a consistent play for them luckily they have 2-3 great backs who would start for most teams but if they have to rely on the pass to get them out of trouble they most definately can