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  1. Blue Racer

    2018 Hoosiers

    Hoosiers win!! Regardless of how you view the win, they played hard!!
  2. I suspect the 1A state finals will be played this Friday. Both teams have talent across the board. That said, I believe Pioneer is on a level all of their own and that is no discredit to what Adams Central is. Pioneer by 4 scores.
  3. Blue Racer

    Regional: Angola at Dwenger

    Crickets. I guess the Angola people don't frequent this site. The SAC faithful will have another week to keep the '18 conversation alive.
  4. Great response here. You can run most things from the spread and I love it! We run some Power read from shot-gun and that is nothing more than double option repackaged. I love the impact college football has had on high school football.
  5. Blue Racer

    Sheridan / Bud Wright.

    He was at N. Miami in the early years....correct?
  6. Blue Racer

    Sheridan / Bud Wright.

    I met Coach several years ago. He introduced himself to me as if I didn't already know who he was. He is a humble person and a fine gentleman.
  7. Do they play basketball?? They do have a pretty fair history on the mat!
  8. Blue Racer

    Greg Schiano is Outstanding

    5 star recruits?? This guy talks as if they had no talent!! There are real problems in the world and this snowflake is on a rant over playing a night game and a poorly timed bye week! Wow!
  9. Blue Racer

    Greg Schiano is Outstanding

    But what about all of those 4 and 5 star recruits??? That isn't enough? There aren't leaders among those still in Buckeye land?
  10. Blue Racer

    Greg Schiano is Outstanding

    He did! I think he was in at the ned of the first half!!
  11. Blue Racer

    Caston Football

    Most people have no clue as to what they would do. Madden isn't a true reflection of coaching but, I have a high school nephew who figures he could lead a high school team based on his gaming expertise! lol.
  12. Blue Racer

    2018 Hoosiers

    Better reconsider the Purdue game.
  13. Figures, since you're on this site with great frequency!! (Sarcasm) Sorry, I forgot to mention that Mr. Smith is playing professionally with the Dallas Cowboys. I believe Komets3001 posted that as well.
  14. If you recall those memorable fall Friday nights from your youth, no need to ask. My wife doesn't get it either. Carry on.