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  1. Figures, since you're on this site with great frequency!! (Sarcasm) Sorry, I forgot to mention that Mr. Smith is playing professionally with the Dallas Cowboys. I believe Komets3001 posted that as well.
  2. If you recall those memorable fall Friday nights from your youth, no need to ask. My wife doesn't get it either. Carry on.
  3. Blue Racer

    CIC Week 9

    Why would a person down vote this comment?? Geesh!
  4. Long ago and in a different America, I too was grabbed by my face mask and yelled at. I wasn't too crazy about it nut my dad loved it!! (Seriously) That coach was invaluable to me and was a major influence on the direction I would take as an adult! If I could do it again, I would want the same mean ol' coaches I grew up with!
  5. Blue Racer

    6-0 Pioneer at 5-1 Knox

    Had personal meetings with Coach Johnson and listened to many of his clinic presentations. That guy knows Wing-T football and is an excellent teacher!
  6. I remember Jim Stillwagon! He was heck of a middle guard!! He wasn't that big was he??
  7. What exactly would you expect to see at the 1A 2A level??
  8. Blue Racer

    Passing of a Legend

    Amen!! Prayers and respect for the entire Etzler family!
  9. Frontier for the win!!!! Do not go away quietly! Nice job!
  10. Blue Racer

    CIC Week One

    Give 'em a chance and while you're doing that, review film from last year's state finals. I don't think it was a 60/40 run pass ratio.
  11. He reminds me of a Tranquil(sp) type of player. I love how he's played for the Irish. Perhaps young Kizer can follow suit.
  12. Feel free to not read what I post. Nobody is forcing you. There is a handy "ignore" feature if you can't manually control your compulsion That is a two way street sir.