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  1. The big difference with Easterns d from last year to this year is depth. Over half of their d only plays one way which keeps them fresh. Add on their dbs which cover the pass well and Hamilton running over people like a bull and you have a pretty stout defense. Aside from the first game of the year, they bend a little but they don't break. They also make big plays when needed.
  2. I'd take Hamilton on my fantasy team any day. Go EG!!!
  3. Personally I believe Eastern owes a lot of gratitude to Linton. Being in the same county, playing them every year and watching the years of success that the Miners have had has probably made Eastern want the same. I'm a Linton supporter except for one night a year. I was glued to the tv watching the state game last year. Being a GC native I love watching our small town schools show the rest of the state what Greene County is all about. Shakamak is a contender every year in baseball, Linton is a contender every year in football and basketball, Bloomfield made a good run to the state finals a couple of years ago in basketball and now Eastern is making some noise in football. Lets all root for these Tbirds and make some noise in Greene County.
  4. I love poking bears. Makes a good conversation starter.
  5. Looks like I may be the lone EG guy on here but I'll take my chances. I have been watching EG for several years now and have a nephew who played varsity all four years and was in the start of this turn around for EG before graduating in 2014. This is a team I believe can beat Lutheran. The way they started last week with the turnovers and being down 13 in the first to turning on the gas and never looking back show that. They lack the ability to give up and that's why I think Lutheran will have a fight on their hands. Having watched some of the better backs in 1A the past several year, such as Muerer, VanShoyck, Lengacher and so on, Hamilton I believe is on a whole other level. That kid does not give up and when you think he's down he pulls four defenders for another 5 yards. But the other thing he does well is pull all the attention to him so that others can make plays. So if the defense focuses on him players like Fox, Campbell, Helton, Weimer, Howard and others can make the plays and if they don't focus on him they're gonna get burned by him. The O line is on a whole different level too. Watching the North Central sectional game the NC line was bigger than EG but they were still unable to stop them from doing what they wanted. And the defense is doing spectacular things. I think if they can hold Lutheran under 25 points EG will make it the third year in a row that a Greene county team will be represented at Lucas Oil. EG prevails in a close one, 28 to 24.