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  1. Goalline07

    Woodlan @ Eastbrook

    Overall great game and better a great place to watch a game. Sat on Eastbrook side and what a Friday night. Going as a football fan, congrats to Woodlan on being able to finish. It is tough to take if you were a Eastbrook fan with all the turnovers, at the end of the game that is what played a huge factor. I would ask if Eastbrook ever ran any other formations this year? It was clear Woodlan wouldnt take more than 8 guys from the box and the panthers couldnt move the ball. They switched to a Wishbone at the goalline and ran 7 yards untouched with two lead blockers. They do loss their RB, but a lot of players coming back. They need a QB, if you are rotating two QBs in the saying is that you dont have one QB. Congrats to the warriors who did have the better athletes on the field. Best friday night with the crowd and game itself I been to all year. Eastbrook will be back next year ranked top 3 teams again, while Woodlan i believe will have some rebuilding to do.
  2. Goalline07

    Woodlan @ Eastbrook

    Is there any Woodlan fans or ACAC people out there? If there is I would ask the question is woodlan physial enough up front to slow down the run?
  3. Goalline07

    Woodlan @ Eastbrook

    I have seen both teams play this year. And I think it will be whoever D can stop the scoring early will win. Woodlan has more speed than anyone the Panthers have seen all year. I do believe that Rensselaer is just as good as woodlan which helps the Panthers. Woodlan also has an easy conference and I went to AC game which they lost. I think Eastbrook with Ole Miss and Rensselaer has had more competition. Woodlan had a hard time stopping the run and breaking news Eastbrook will run at them over and over and over and over. Woodlan better be ready to hit a lot on Friday. Should be be a great game! It is suppose to rain which might help Eastbrook and stopping the throwing attack. I believe this game is a touchdown game. If I had to pick I say Eastbrook by 6.
  4. Goalline07

    CIC Sectional Finals

    Believe both CIC will advance to Regional. I must ask as a person who just saw Eastbrook in action last week for the first time, they are by far one of the top teams in 2A. I must ask XStar, why even predict the Eastbrook score. I am guessing the past two seasons you choose against them so you have only been correct .04% of the time...clearly you dont believe what you write so why argue others and waste your time? Panther crowd was very nice to myself last week and had conversations with a few different parents. Still getting the ringing out of my ears HAHA Good Luck Panthers.
  5. Goalline07

    CIC Sectional Week

    I have zero attachment to either team, and decided with a friend of mine to drive to this game as we were close by. First it was a great game both teams were pretty well matched on the field between the whistles. We sat on Eastbrook side the first half and was surprised by the attendance from RC so we moved over there at halftime since half of stands were empty. Between the whistles it was an evenly matched, but after the whistles I have to agree with a previous writer. RC was very very unsportsmanlike, starting with us noticing not shaking hands before game also. After every tackle they seemed to talk and push Eastbrook players away. There was many times that Eastbrook would help 7 up after tackling him. Credit to 7 though, we did get hit hard every play and got back up. That eventually what cost RC the game with penalties. Eastbrook is a great team and a classy team, they were smaller than I thought but just a sound team and a fan base that travels and even they were respectful during the time sitting with them. Good Luck to them the rest of the year.