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  1. Old Time Star

    Best Chances for 2018 Title

    BigTimeDB the O line should be solid they only had 1 senior on the line last year. Going to fun to watch the next few years
  2. Old Time Star

    2A Football

    Western Boone has a very Talented Sophomore class coming back that is lead by QB Spencer Wright.
  3. Old Time Star

    Youth Camps

    Was Wondering if there are any Youth camps in Central Indiana during the summer
  4. Old Time Star

    Best Chances for 2018 Title

    They only had 1 Senior on the O line which has good size and did a good job last year. Not having a speed running back will be our only downfall. Will have Robby Taylor that was a freshman at Fullback but doesn't have the break away speed.
  5. Not Game related but Evansville Fans there are some good Eats close by if you come up early. One of my Favorites is Dave's All American Pizza that is a block down the road also a nice Mexican restaurant right by the High School.
  6. Old Time Star

    2A Regionals. North And South.

    Hope they are wrong lol
  7. I was thinking of going to Thursdays practice and watching/maybe put a few blankets down haha
  8. Old Time Star

    Suggested rule change

    Totally agree with most JV games now on Saturdays you have to make sure you keep your kids for that game also
  9. Going to be a cold night of football we will see comes to play. I expect a Huge crowd for the Western Boone side I would get there early to make sure you get a seat
  10. Old Time Star

    Sagamore Conference 2017

    Webo has lost Solomon for the year with a broken arm 3rd play of the game last week. But will have Weakly back this week off a injury. We will have to get a running game going if they want to get passed Regionals with Solomon gone