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  1. rdpfootball

    Regional: Lowell @ Mishawaka

    Interested to see how the weather is tonight!
  2. rdpfootball

    Sectional 17-18 Thought

    This brings back memories. The Regional Championship, between Lowell and New Prairie last year. NP was a heavy rushing team, averaging 398.2 Rush Yards P/G and 56.5 Receiving Yards P/G. Don't get me wrong, that game could have gone either way. Lowell stopped the rushing game for the most part, which forced them to pass.
  3. rdpfootball

    Sectional 17-18 Thought

    Good point. I could care less who wins, but I think Mishawka gets past SBSJ.
  4. rdpfootball

    Sectional 17-18 Thought

    Same here. Lowell's offense has been getting hotter since Igras came back. There going to keep building up momentum, and stop anyone in there path. As for Mishawka, who knows. I just don't think there going to be able to win rushing all game.
  5. rdpfootball

    Sectional 17-18 Thought

    I don't see St. Joseph beating Mishawka. But who knows.
  6. rdpfootball

    Sectional 17-18 Thought

    That would be interesting.
  7. rdpfootball

    Sectional 17-18 Thought

    Very true, and that game was won by rushing all game. There QB had ONE completion for 26 yards that game. I see a rematch with Lowell and Dwenger.
  8. rdpfootball

    Sectional 17-18 Thought

    If that matchup does happen, I see Lowell with the advantage. Mishawka rushes for 337.9 P/G and only 35.7 receiving yards P/G and Lowell specializes in defense. They haven't passed all year, and there going to be forced to pass which could go very badly for Mishawka.
  9. I haven't seen much about Sectional 17-18, so what are your thoughts on who advances to the semi-state?
  10. rdpfootball

    Week 6 Scores

  11. rdpfootball

    Week 6 Scores

    Lowell at Highland: 7-0, FINAL! Lowell has allowed only 4 points per game!
  12. rdpfootball

    Week 6 Scores

    Scores from around Northwest Indiana! Calumet at Lake Station: 48-0, 4th Q Crown Point at Valparaiso: 0-28, 3rd Q Hobart at Kankakee Valley: 17-0, 3rd Q Merrillville at LaPorte: 35-0, 3rd Q Andrean at Munster: 35-0, 3rd Q Lowell at Highland: 7-0, 3rd Q Portage at Chesterton: 7-7, 3rd Q
  13. rdpfootball

    Week 6 Scores

    You're telling me!