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  1. rdpfootball

    Week 5 Scores

    Boone Grove at Hanover Central: 41-26, FINAL Chesterton at Valparaiso: 0-23, FINAL LaPorte at Lake Central: 28-13, FINAL Michigan City at Merrillville: 35-21, 4th Q Portage at Crown Point: 14-12, 4th Q
  2. rdpfootball

    Gameday Scores

    PAT Good. Lowell 34, Clark 0, Halftime
  3. rdpfootball

    Gameday Scores

    E.C. Central at Hobart: 0-28, 2nd Q Griffith at Calumet: 20-6, 1st Q Hammond at Andrean: 0-42, 2nd Q Highland at Gavit: 21-0, 2nd Q Lowell at Clark: 27-0, 2nd Q Merrillville at Portage: 21-0, Halftime
  4. rdpfootball

    Gameday Scores

    Lowell at Clark: 14-0, 1st Q
  5. rdpfootball

    Gameday Scores

    E.C. Central at Hobart: 0-7, 1st Q Lowell at Clark: 7-0, 1st Q
  6. rdpfootball

    Game Night Scores:

    Saturday Scores: Highland 56, Clark 6: FINAL LaPorte at Valparaiso: 0-28, 2nd Q Morton 0, Lowell 38: FINAL Culver Academy 14, Hobart 17: FINAL South Central 21, Calumet 34: FINAL Munster at E.C. Central: 48-10, 4th Q
  7. rdpfootball

    Game Night Scores:

    Several games in delay in NWI: Highland at Clark: 7-0, 1st Q Julian at T.F. South: 0-7, 1st Q Lake Central at Portage: 10-6, 2nd Q LaPorte at Valparaiso: 0-21, 2nd Q Michigan City at Chesterton: 7-10, 2nd Q River Forest at Griffith: 0-13, 1st Q Postponed Games: Crown Point at Merrillville: 0-0, 1st Q Lake Station at Hanover Central: 0-6, 1st Q Munster at E.C. Central: 14-0, 1st Q South Central at Calumet: 14-0, 2nd Q Culver Academy at Hobart: 0-7, 2nd Q River Forest at Griffith: 0-13, 1st Q Morton at Lowell: 0-0, 1st Q (Game Never Started)
  8. rdpfootball

    Best Chances for 2018 Title

    I'm not saying this entirely because I'm a Lowell fan but Lowell has a better chance than people think. I think Igras really steps it up and we have a few defensive starters returning. #78 Austgen and #44 Jansky. Two very important players on defense this year. Also I think there are a few JV players that can step up next year. I'm anxious already. http://www.chicagotribune.com/suburbs/post-tribune/sports/ct-ptb-football-lowell-st-1127-20171126-story.html
  9. Never to early to start talking about the 2018 season. Which team/teams in 1A,2A,3A,4A,5A, and 6A have the best chance of a state title? Just in terms of returning starters and such. Obviously a team's schedule will play a role in there chances.
  10. Surprised to hear that! Best of luck to his future!
  11. rdpfootball

    Mercy Rule

    Thanks for the clarification. I wasn't sure what all this exactly means, so wanted some insight.
  12. rdpfootball

    Mercy Rule

    If this got implemented, how would it affect Lowell? Would we face teams we wouldn't normally play against?
  13. rdpfootball

    Lowell vs East Central!

  14. rdpfootball

    CIC Pick Em Championship

    Pioneer Southridge Evansville Memorial Lowell Kokomo Ben Davis