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  1. RegionFan

    Week 6 Scores

    2016: Hanover 21 Whiting 0 That was two years ago. Just saying, Hanover had only had a football program for, like, four years at that point and thumped Whiting pretty thoroughly. Maybe pump the breaks a little. You guys are strong as hell this year, no doubt. But you're also incredibly senior laden. What will next year bring?
  2. RegionFan

    What is a "Dude?"

    Yeah, sure felt like we hadn't heard a few of the Driven T buzzwords.
  3. 1- They were only in the Northwest Hoosier for five of the last 25 years. They joined in '93 (BTW the year before ('92) was only Kennedy's second year and they won a sectional beating Andrean and Munster along the way.) Winimac, Twin Lakes, Knox, and West Central weren't on Lowell's schedule during that five year time period. And your recency bias is showing. KV was a top 10 in 4a team a few of those years. Judson was tough as hell during the mid 90's. The only real push overs were Lake Station and North Newton. But, for arguments sake, lets take those conference wins out of the equation. That's still 196-93 record for a 67% win percentage. Never mind the fact that in that time there were wins over a Radtke led Griffith team, Munster, and a Howell led Hobart team for Lowell's first regional title in that same span. Wasn't like regular season success wasn't followed up with post season success. Most of the wins and all the state final appearances have come after they left the small conference. 2- No one was deifying Kennedy. That is just your misdirection of the facts. I simply used him as the turning point of the program, since it started with him. I also included the successful Kilmer years in there. Kennedy was exactly what Lowell needed when they needed it. There is absolutely nothing that says another struggling football program can't find their Kennedy to turn them around. His record at other schools just illustrate how difficult it can be to find the right fits for coach/program, but when it's found the results are great.
  4. Here's one for you to try to back out of, Muda. 1970 3-7 1971 4-4-2 1972 4-6 1973 2-8 1974 5-5 1975 5-5 1976 2-8 1977 2-8 1978 0-10 1979 0-10 1980 4-6 1981 2-8 1982 5-5 1983 0-10 1984 3-7 1985 2-7 1986 1-8 1987 2-7 1988 1-8 1989 3-7 1990 2-7 1991 2-7 54-158-2 in 22 years of football for a 25% winning percentage. That is actually 2 percentage points worse than Frankfort where it's "Frankly time to pull the plug" as you say. A measly four years that managed a .500 record in that time, with no winning records, and a whopping three winless seasons. Teams pined to play this team for their homecoming. Fan support was next to nothing. I'll save you the trouble and just tell you that this is what Lowell did before hiring Kirk Kennedy as a head coach. Since then that have gone on to become one of the most consistent teams in Northwest Indiana and maybe the state to a degree. They've posted a record of 224-93 from 1992 to present, across two coaches, for a 70% winning percentage. So go spout your nonsense about some bad seasons meaning it's time to pull the plug on a program. You hate football so much, and want to see it gone from the landscape: fine, find another board to spout your nonsense in.
  5. Let's face it, football is a very tough sport. To some degree, it may be the concussion thing, but I don't think that even makes up the bulk of the reason kids don't want to play football, especially at the higher levels. All sports work hard, but how many of them do it with 15-25 pounds of equipment on in the middle of summer? Most kids just don't want to work like that anymore. Now, think about what sport is blowing up right now. Basketball. The players are marketed much more and as individuals. Football players are just jersey's. Most people have no idea who they are without their number. Basketball players are up close to the crowd (no track around the court !) and are wearing next to nothing. You make a great play and the fans and media immediately get to see your 'guns' and your face making some stupid face meant to show how amazing you are. A football player makes a great sack or scores a long TD and a lot of times the fans have to wait for the PA announcer to give a name because it's just a bunch of jerseys piled together. That doesn't fit the narcissistic attitude that is everywhere in today's social media craze. I wonder what will happen when people like DrivenT and Muda get their way and football finally dies? Football is one of the only sports that doesn't cut. At least 22 players at a time can participate in practice all the time. Sure, soccer has comparable numbers on the field, but that is no place for a big guy who doesn't run well, but would make a great lineman. Plus, there are only one or two subs a game for soccer. Football can play as many guys as they want all game. Teams are always trying to two-platoon which means close to 20 guys play for just O and D, not even bringing in guys that play just on special teams. Basketball keeps less guys on a roster than football has on the field at one time everyone else-cut. Baseball keeps around 15, everyone else-cut. Volleyball 15 or so people on the roster, everyone else-cut. Football is really the only sport for a big (especially slow) guy. You can play a couple positions in baseball, but if you're not hitting home runs you're useless on offense. You have two weight classes in wrestling, maybe. Soccer/basketball forget it. You can maybe be a thrower in track? CC is out. Band? I know it makes me sound like some old curmudgeon with the whole "kids these days" thing, but it's the truth. The vast majority of kids just don't want to work as hard as it takes to be successful in football. Especially when your visibility is so much higher in other sports. Not with all the other activities that are so readily available these days that weren't just 15 years ago. I'm willing to bet there is a correlation in the amount of online/console/mobile gaming available. It breaks my heart and pisses me off. I love this game. I owe so many of my positive traits to things I learned/had to fight through on a football field. I've played and/or coached my entire life. Unfortunately, with this soft society, I can see the writing on the wall. Football will probably be gone before I'm dead and it just *%#!?*s.
  6. As a guy who has been a lay coach for numerous years, as well as having a father who was a lay coach for almost 30 years, I firmly believe you couldn't be more wrong about your assertion. It's been proven over and over again on these boards you know little of what you talk about, and I firmly believe you would be utterly amazed by the number of lay coaches that are currently employed at schools of all level of success. I would go into detail, but you won't care. I would instead ask you how you would like these staffs filled out if teachers aren't interested/qualified? Most people go into the teaching profession because they want to teach and it has been well documented how much extra time a teacher has to put in outside of school hours if they want to be successful. Coaches have to put in even more for next to nothing in terms of pay (something you point out with your 'coaches leaving/retiring' rants, yet keep pushing for more of with your 'where's all the clinics and camps' complaining). In all actuality, I'd say it's probably even better to have lay coaches. Now you have the players exposed to people from various career paths they may never have known existed. instead of being exposed to only teachers, now they are learning about electrical work, police work, manufacturing, and others. Opens up their eyes to possibilities they may not have known were available. I will grant you one position that should be in the school, and that's the head coach. There are many reason's for that, not least of which is continued accountability off the field of the players. However, even in that instance, you can look at the track record of someone like Adam Hudak at Wheeler. His teams may not be winning sectional titles every year but he put out solid teams, that worked hard, at Lake Station and Wheeler. His Wheeler team made some good stride last year and had very good numbers. All this with a head coach who works in a hospital. I guess what I'm saying, which I usually end up saying when I comment on your crap, is: calm the hell down and stop painting with such a wide brush. One instance of a single lay coach not working out doesn't mean you scrap the hard work and ability of, probably thousands, of lay coaches working their tails off for the game they love every season.
  7. Can you link the article? Or even the title? Would love to read that.
  8. I can't speak for the offense, but as for the defense, I think you can expect Thompson to use whatever works best for his personnel. I know that sounds cheesy, but if you look at his time at Lowell, this kind of becomes more realistic. He started off with the 4-4 for the first couple years. He briefly moved to the 3-4ish type look when they had more athletes than big bodies. Then, in his last couple years, he moves to almost a 4-2-5 look. Yeah, it was technically a 4-4, but the OLB's were spread super wide and he used his very talented safety as the defender off the edge. (I think Juice was the leading tackler last year from the FS spot). And each year, with each different defense, they were solid. Obviously this all might change if he's not the DC, but it looks like he can coach 'em up in a variety of sets to get the best out of his personnel.
  9. RegionFan

    Competitive Drills

    I tried to make everything a competition to keep guys working hard during routine drills, just to try to keep a mental edge. Basically the same style you are mentioning. One thing I did add was having the players not in the drill "judge" the drill when technique was paramount. Racing to see who can run a slant the fastest can lead to sloppy technique, so I'd have the guys in line pick a winner based on details. You'd be amazed how easily they'd pick up on a guy with a bad stance or lazy cut. Makes the players in the drill work harder and gets the guys out of the drill working as a coach, keeping details fresh in their mind. Plus, players love busting each other on small infractions if it was going to earn someone ten push-ups for the loss.
  10. RegionFan

    Coaches Salaries

    Bravo. Wish I had more than one upvote to offer you, man.
  11. RegionFan

    Valparaiso Head Coach

    Don't shoe horn the players into this yet. And especially not this made up "bro-culture" that you and DT push. From the few players who have been quoted, they loved what he was doing so far. Including the hard work. Add the fact that they were anonymous (which this site proves can compel people to say all kinds of stupid stuff *cough*) would lend one to believe it was their true sentiment. They had every opportunity to say he was a clown or they weren't buying what he was selling. The administration on the other hand...
  12. Dude got sent into the game at least twice on this highlight reel, only for his teammates to send him back out. That's awesome!
  13. Gotta check out the highlight film for Cathedral's center, Emil Ekiyor. Going to Alabama next year. His highlight film is all kinds pancakes and driving through the whistle.
  14. No, they aren't. There were plenty of "me first, D-bags" in the good ol days. Billy "White Shoes" dancing all the time. The '85 Bears doing the Super Bowl Shuffle THE MONDAY AFTER A LOSS. I could go on, but you'll gloss over the point or "move the goalpost" anyways. Then you're doing better than I am. All I can gather out of Muda and DT's inane ramblings on the subject is that it's terrible that coaches show any sort of enjoyment for the activity they give (too) many hours to. Oh, and your players shouldn't like you. They can respect you, but the only way things work properly is if they fear you. I think? Wait, and chest bumps! Holly molly, do not chest bump. Next thing you know the players are running the show. Chest Bumps are the devil!
  15. The programs I've been involved in have absolutely pushed kids into other sports in the off season. Every head coach I've been with, along with the entire staff, knew other sports could add so much to the kids as football players as well as making them more rounded. The hardest hitters I ever went against when I played were wrestlers, hands down. Basketball does amazing things for a players footwork. Baseball helps you maintain focus as there can be long periods of downtime before having to make a lot of quick decisions. Track is obvious. Honestly, the biggest issue we've always felt was the other sports against football. We hear it all the time that basketball or baseball coaches don't want their guys playing football because they'll get hurt. Coaches force summer ball and AAU down their kids throats as a "must play" which takes away from a lot of practice stuff for football. Not to mention, most kids get "discovered" by scouts during these AAU and travel baseball tournaments). With so many moving parts, install can't happen just during two-a-days, and a kid that misses most of the summer practices (what few we actually held) can't help but be behind the 8 ball when summer baseball is finally over and they can join the football team full time. Upvote! But not for the reason you're thinking...