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  1. Alices32

    Bryan Hughes

    Barr Reeve must have been attracted to that 27-25 record the past two seasons.
  2. Alices32

    Vincennes Lincoln

    Now that it has been officially confirmed that the (brief) Josh Thompson era of Vincennes Lincoln Basketball is over, who will the Alices go after for their Head Coach spot? I'd personally be shocked if former coach and current AD, Jeff Hein, isn't the favorite...
  3. I was going to go check out their scrimmage last night with North Posey to see how they looked, but found out that it got cancelled for some reason. I'm confident they will be better than others expect for the second year in a row. They may not have the explosive playmakers they had last year in Toole and Kotter, but from what I hear, they have some solid pieces returning and along with a handful of newcomers who will contribute.
  4. Any word on how Vincennes will be this year?
  5. Toole’s year end stats were 1,976 yards passing with 20 TD passes along with 26 TDs (23 rushing, 2 Defensive, 1 KOR TD) on 1,022 yards rushing. Pretty impressive season, especially coming off the injury from the previous year and his first season to play QB.
  6. Gotta think the Raiders rushing attack will be too much for Providence in this one. SR 31 - Providence 14
  7. Can't imagine this one being close at all. Nothing against the Patriots, but playing on the road against the top offense in 5A won't bode well tonight. 52-14 Olympians.
  8. EG will be too much for FC to handle. The Hamilton kid is a beast and they have a very good sized offensive line. T-Birds win 40-21.
  9. Gotta lean toward LBurg in this one. Can’t imagine that Memorial has seen the physical style of offense that the orange Tigers run at any point this year in the SIAC - and they run it well. They are very well coached. If LBurg can contain Lindauer and keep him from extending plays with his legs and finding the open WR like he did last week against GS, they can have some success. Will be a dogfight in the trenches, but LBurg will prevail. 31-24.