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  1. Sergeant Dangle

    2A State Title Game Webo vs Eastbrook

    You get 7pts for a touchdown? I think EB proved that extra point kicks aren't guaranteed! Shout out to Webo's freshman kicker, he was nails today! Blaming refs for 2 different big show losses is ugly on you buddy! Thanks fballfan15! To say that after our disagreements tells me your an alright guy! I'm going to be 100% honest, Tipton was the 2nd best team we saw all year. There I said it. See you next season! Whether it was a backwords pass or not, water always finds its level, there were 'iffy' calls on both sides, there always is! Bottom line is that it was a14 point game with a kneel down inside the red zone to end it. 4 bad calls couldn't of changed the outcome. Give credit where its due.^^^ ***See my Tipton comment** Cowbells..Webo uses cowbells too. If you think guys ringing cowbells would change the outcome, then maybe I'm giving EB too much credit. I was at the Bremen/EB game, your fans need to cheer and yell more, and not try to rely on just cowbells. They had a big crowd at that game( nearly half the size of Webo's on Friday) against Bremen, and yet it was kinda quiet. I really found it odd. On a side note...Did any of you see the Facebook post from the dad of Kirby kid? He said Webo was a disgrace.He claimed Webo was cheering when Kirby was walking off the field on a 3rd down stop, apparently he was injured.. I guess he thought Webo wouldn't cheer on a third down stop. No one even knew he was injured. He walked off the field. There aren't any fan bases(outside of Philly) that would cheer for an injured kid. Come on man. Isn't here where I read about a fan from EB making Gun/parking lot comments? I'm just happy I don't have to get on here and make excuses about my team loosing. I'm happy we won, but I honestly thought after watching EB the prior week, that Webo would win by 30. With that being said, my hats off to EB on a great game. Those boys played like champions. The Kirby kid really has my respect, as well as the rest of the team. Watch out for Pioneer next post season up there in the North. Now I just have to figure out how to put Western Boone 2018 2A State Champs as my signature on comments like Coach Nowlins! Did you actually see both people from Dover at the game?
  2. Sergeant Dangle

    2A State Title Game Webo vs Eastbrook

    I'm honestly still back and forth. I obviously got Webo, as you have your squad. But I'm unsure on my score prediction. Please explain your 2nd from the last sentence. Whats your opinion on Webo as far as our Passing, Running, defense, all of it. I wont even respond to it. Promise, no negativity from me back. I just want to hear an honest outsiders opinion on it all. You have seen it firsthand.
  3. Sergeant Dangle

    2A State Title Game Webo vs Eastbrook

    Pantherpride..I appreciate the 'all due respect'! As You can tell by my previous posts that I sometimes give teams more credit than they really deserve .I have a bad reputation of hurting feelings.
  4. Sergeant Dangle

    2A State Title Game Webo vs Eastbrook

    Not yet, still thumbing thru my notes. I don't wanna say anything that will make me look I don't do my due diligents later. My streak of telling my opinion on our games has been spot on so far, so I don't wanna jump the gun just yet. :)
  5. Sergeant Dangle

    2A State Title Game Webo vs Eastbrook

    Do you have a score prediction?
  6. Sergeant Dangle

    2A State Title Game Webo vs Eastbrook

    Hey Shooter, I just landed! Anyone else think it smells like Lindeberg cheese in here? It wasn't our 'fans', it was only me, so don't go looping all of us together. 2 opposing teams fans had a disagreement with me. So don't go calling our fan base stuff based on 1 situation. I regret saying 'all Tipton fans' in that same prior post as well. Neither sides opinion(Sarg or Tipton couple) should be used as a descriptions for the others entire a fan base as a whole. I was in the crowd for the Bremen/EB game. EB came out fast as heck in that no huddle. They were impressive. The Kirby kid had a huge heart. That was the quietiest 200 some yards I've seen in a long time. But come the second quarter they were winded. Most boys had their hands on their sides. Bremen kinda had their way with the EB defense. EB had virtually no pass coverage. Bremen's wideout (#80) looked like Lynn Swan out there!. Bremens #24 was getting his as well, but he was a big dude. The QB was like 11 of 12 or something crazy.I think I'm going to think about my prediction another day though before saying.EB is pretty good, you'll end up being the one of the best teams we played thru the post season along with Scecina and North Putnam. See told you guys! Who is the best team EB has faced in your opinion?
  7. Sergeant Dangle

    Rank the Games...

    I don't wanna jinxs anything by making a prediction, but you may watch the Southridge/Webo game before saying that. Eastbrook and Southridge run the same offense, but Eastbrook is just a smaller team. I like how they run it out of the no huddle though. But most of their players go both ways, they tire themselves out. I loved watching that #24 for EB though,that dude has heart! For what its worth, I thought Bremen was the better team Friday night as well.
  8. I got this! To be honest, I think Southridge was better than Tipton, even after yesterdays game. Webo is just that dominate at this point in the season. We play them tomorrow, and its a30pt game. Every single thing I've said on here has come to fruition. Something is really clicking with this team.. See, Southridge succeeded in my eyes. They left the field(fans and players) with integrity and sportsmanship. They took a lose and moved on. You don't see them trolling GID posts not excepting a lose like you my friend. Have you noticed that you didn't see anyone carrying on like you and I from Southridge or Scecina? They are 1st class programs. I do because I don't care how I look or sound. I say the truth. The truth hurts feelings sometimes. The truth hurts your feelings. I loved watching KJ play, but at this point(with your whining)I struggle to not type how I really feel about it. Your like the little weasel unpopular kid who snitches on the cool kids. Just except it and move forword. I will not address you again, WEBO is still playing and that deserves all my attention. Good riddance
  9. Thanks for the compliment. Never once saw any negativity from SR fans. Behavior of some true champions.Very impressed to see how they handled themselves after a game like that. No doubt they will be back next season.
  10. How am I acting like an butt? You guys just cant handle the truth. I'm sorry your feelings are hurt. darn near everyone believes the 8-2 Tipton/Webo thing. If Tipton guys wouldn't cry and troll after getting beat, you wouldn't see posts like this. Do you really thing you'd win 5 out of the next 8 against us. LOL. Really. Call me all the names you want, but a fact is a fact. If my team lost 2 in a row to a team, I wouldn't be on a chat site thinking I had a better team. I've only been on here a year , but I agree with the guys saying Tipton are a bunch of cry'rs! What perspective do I need? Should I bow down because you won a sectional game each of the last two seasons? What makes you think I'm overlooking some greatness? What part isn't the truth. Whats out of touch?Convience me I'm not right. Your just calling me names trying to take some high road that isn't there. Except it and move on.
  11. I believe it was because it was the first real team Eastbrook had faced. I got this Bremen 28-21.
  12. Fballfan15..Bro, please experience the real world. There are bright light, great tastes, and beautiful women....but in this world I speak of, Tipton Blue Devils still aren't winning anything. Your belief of them being so good( better than a 8/2 split with Webo) is just mind boggling. Like I said before, KJ was a good high school player, but anything more(based on his accomplishments) are just ludicrous. Just pray for a sectional realignment, because we have a few classes coming up that will keep us right on track. Like I said before, cant you be satisfied with giving us Hoosier fans Derek Elston? I've told anybody who will listen that we are playing Southridge. Defending Champs. Southern Indiana powerhouse. NO predictions can indicate the heart any of the boys have. This will be the State Preview. I know that's a wasted cliché a lot of times, but this is probably the only true case. Like one of the other guys quotes " They would play us in a parking lot". Sectional Championship and Regional games were just a tune up for what's facing us Saturday. NO team, Especially Southridge is going to get rolled defending their rightfully earned State Title. With that being said, I got it Webo 35 southridge 20..
  13. Sergeant Dangle

    Wawasee / Greenfield Central

    Richman is Nails
  14. Common trend of a 1A school, maybe some of you 1A's should start charging 6 or 7k to go there. LCC does right?
  15. What part? The running part because of a lead or Scecina being better than Tipton?