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  1. Sergeant Dangle

    Sectional 38

    One of parents are from Webo, the mother is from Tennessee. He moved to Lebanon initially, then transferred back because he was having trouble fitting in at Lebanon. He paid the price for it by sitting out a year. He should'nt even be mentioned as a transfer. He was pretty much a basketball player, then fell in love with football once he got back into the Webo culture. Hes a country kid. Good kid.
  2. Tiptons season is over, time for the fans to move on to basketball! It was a close game but Tipton was lucky to be that close. Webo played like garbage. We were also playing without our best offensive player as well as our best defensive player(110 tackles). Consider yourself lucky. As far as Webo being a pushover, we will see come Friday! As far as the QB being cocky, i spoke to the kid after the game in the parking lot and thought he was a great kid. Im sure his parents are proud. See ya next year Tipton.