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  1. What do you mean by this?
  2. I definitely agree with this. I don’t know where people are coming up with this blowout score prediction. It’ll be a good game no doubt.
  3. I’m not crying about anything. Just saying that people said “from what I heard Tipton had it won” when they didn’t.
  4. The quarterback is who was cocky. And acting like it was such a pleasant place I went with my family to the local pizza restaurant and low and behold there were cockroaches. On top of that the coaches were disrespectful and kept coming on the field yelling at referees and opposing players but yet never got a penalty. And yes he can sling it right over a receiver and head unless of course he’s throwing in the flat.
  5. Im talking about the guy saying tipton had it won. Like i said they had nothing won and he was cocky and tipton fans and coaches had no hospitality whatsoever. Though i do agree they didnt totally shut him down but he was doing the same thing over and over again and couldn't pass to save his life unless it was in the flat. Also, i addressed the west lafayette game because people were saying they had such a good year yet they hadn't played anyone all year but west lafayette and then got smoked.
  6. They didnt have anything won. Haven't you ever heard its not over till its over? Their QB was cocky and they shut him down easily. They got manhandled by West Lafayette and no way whatsoever would they have been a better matchup.