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    New Pal 84 Delta 13

    I am a supporter of DAC, and want to see our top teams, or teams who have the most realistic chance of getting to a semi-state, Valpo and Michigan City do well, no doubt Im a homer. I have seen the highlights of some of their games and the video of the Center Grove game. I will say their is no doubt in my mind Michigan City has better athletes all around than Center Grove and I will say that without a doubt that New Pal hasn't played a team as talented as Homewood Flossmoor.

    New Pal 84 Delta 13

    I will say again, offensively, Michigan City will give New Pal challenges with their speed and ability to throw the ball as well as run. Researching New Pal, they haven't been forced to pass the ball, and Michigan City sells out to stop the run, forcing teams to beat them over the top. Can New Pal pass the ball, and have they played a team with considerably better athletes?

    New Pal 84 Delta 13

    Yes, the almost win against HF was good test for Michigan City and then a underwhelming loss to Valpo, they changed running backs for Merrillville game and have been lights out every since. Many up here think of he would have started from the beginning of the season Michigan City may have won those two games, but anyway, since the change, they blew away the rest of the field. Zionsville best a different New Pal tram last year, so if anything , they won’t come to the game intimidated by 70 point blowouts. Look up Michigan City games, they are out there. Not sure New Pal has seen the speed and size combo Michigan City has. Will be great if that game happens.

    New Pal 84 Delta 13

    New Pal is by far he 5A favorite and as of now the consensus number two team overall in the state, but I still see Zionsville and Michigan City as potential or legitimate threats in the north.
  5. Do they have the best coaches possible for they could possibly get. Maybe better coaches could get those kids who don’t want to play to come play football, or at least a few. I look at what Mason is doing in MC, always heard they have talent walking the halls that don’t play, and now they do. Seems to me those communities are comfortable with having mediocre to poor teams, and affluence doesn’t play out totally as Valpo is not too far behind or maybe even ahead, and they won the DAC for second year in a row.

    Sampson James

    This is a clear case of a kid having a not so hot senior year and OSU is not giving him the same attention they once did. Simple as that. They used to contact you daily, and now they ghost you. Thankfully him and his team read between the lines and went with the person who is showing them love. Why chase the pretty person when their is a person just as nice, maybe not as elite, who wants you.
  7. I don’t have a dog in this fight, but Carmel has been in the North long before BCox, going back to the early years of 5A being the largest class, so if there were more large schools outside of the donut, Carmel would be where it’s supposed to be, in the south.
  8. Merrillville has the offense to pull off the upset. They caught there sea legs after almost being TKOd by MC a few weeks ago. They are clearly the third best team in DAC a nice rebound from last years embarrassing season. The coaching might finally be catching up to a talent base that should always be competitive in the region and a top DAC and northern semi state contender. Perfect recepie for upset as Valpos offense still hasn’t proved to me they can run away from a good team and Merrillville has some more athletes for a couple of quick strikes. If Merrillville wins, could end up being a three way tie for conference.

    playing both ways in 6a

    I remember another great athlete at Valpo, Jeff the Shark Samardzija played both ways and returned kicks, plus, played on the basketball and of course, baseball team, did both at Notre Dame as well. Yes Banks beat him head to head, but on the next two levels he didn't. But if you are going in the way back, just showing some DAC to the Shark.
  10. Did anyone think New Pal would not make it out of the sectional last year? Yeah never count too soon, and also would it be that big of a shock if neither Cathedral or New Pal make it, I don't think so, I'll gladly take the field on that bet. Michigan City might not be whipping teams by 60 or 70 points. The Center Grove win was no doubt impressive, but Michigan City's last play overtime loss to a team with arguably more talent than any in this state in Homewood Flossmoor, let people now in the Region they will be going deep in the playoffs again this year.
  11. I would say aurelios and gelsosomos are neck and neck. Rosottis and Broncos, you have to carve the cheese off the crust. I'm with everyone, Portillos was nice when it first opened, but its just another Zels, or Greek corner joint now.
  12. They did pass a referendum last year to build a new Hammond High, but it will house Eggers MS and Hammond High, a 7-12 building, which basically mirrors Gavit and Clark. The new Hammond High will be built behind the current building.
  13. East Chicago did the same in basketball and it obviously never worked out. Do you know the current financial situations of both. How much more money could they realistically make in football when you consider they would also be paying our more for extended travel. If it’s about finances, I’m faikry confident it’s not worth going independent, plus would the conferences allow teams to do this. One last thing, of all the schools, why would Penn and Carmel care about this, they are amongst the top high schools in the Midwest,
  14. I think the following works: 1. Michigan City, can't say it enough, best coaching staff in region and possibly one of the best in the state. 2. Hobart 3. Merrillville 4. Valpo, finally showed some offense, will see how it plays against an aggressive defense this week. 5. Portage 6. Lowell 7. Andrean 8. Chesterton, defense showed some toughness against Michigan City, 9. Whiting, nice record, but they couldn't beat any of these teams in the top 10. Definitely number one 1A-3A 10. Crown Point
  15. Ok, I'll make sure the Region is not too much of an afterthought after week 3. Hobart with a huge win over Culver further shows that 4A in the region is going to be worth watching. In the surprise win, Andrean couldn't be stopped by New Prairie in one of the few region games that was able to be finished Friday night. Lowell showed some grit after a disappointing loss to Portage. Merrillville has doubled their win total from last year with a nice win over Crown Point. Will be interesting over the next week to see how Merrillville handles the next two weeks with Portage and Michigan City. This isn't the Merrillville team of the past, but they aren't the mess they were last year. This leaves me to the matchup of the week, Michigan City vs Valpo. Both had nice opening DAC wins, Valpo beating down a very poor LaPorte team and Michigan City who beat Chesterton after a sloppy beginning to the game for them Friday night. Michigan City turned many heads in the region with their loss the previous week and Chesterton was ready to play them Friday, too bad for them the weather delay happened. Recall last year Valpo beat Michigan City with a hailmary, ironic as Michigan City lost to Homewood Flossmoor on the last play of the game in week 2. Not a lot of respect as usual for NWI, but I think the region reps in classes 1-6 should be able to send reps to semi-state and beyond.