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  1. No, I'm thinking rationally. AD Patti McCormack is not going to have Lowell leave. Lafayette is 3x as far as Lowell's farthest travel distance to Hobart. The Lowell community also wouldn't go for it. You're not going to send your girls tennis team to play on a Tuesday night against McCutcheon at 4:00 in the afternoon. It's never going to happen. We're not going to be seeing a new Lowell - Jeff rivalry. The 2 communities are nearly 70 miles and a time zone away. Crown Point is next door, the young students don't like each other and history does matter here to people as it's the oldest football rivalry in Indiana dating back to 1903.
  2. No. Different time zones. No local connections. Lowell has played Lake county schools for over 100 years.
  3. I think expectations are higher than they would have been if Coach Marsh was still at the helm. I think the interim tag says we expect to compete with Laporte, MC for a sectional title and contend with Hobart, Andrean and Lowell for the NCC. Munster and Lowell have only played 1 one possession game the last 7 seasons and last beat them in 2010. Also, I'm hearing rumblings that Griffith might be trying to get back into the NCC, which is what needs to happen. No way they belong playing Lake Station and River Forest. And Lowell ditching the Calumet Region for Lafayette is never happening. Never. Common sense. Not a lack for winning expectations at Lowell or any comments you will refute this with. It's illogical for Lowell to join the Lafayette schools in the North Central Conference that are spread out across the entire state.
  4. My point was the lack of a singular large city like the 3 I mentioned means that people aren't moving to the Region in mass for new jobs like they are to Indy suburbs, Penn or Fort Wayne. This results in a lesser talent pool. Yes, NWI is the 2nd largest area in the state and school enrollments are larger, but the population is aging and young families arent moving here as rapidly as they are those other areas. And your quote is a poor point. The last 2 and only 2 football coaches that Munster hired were first time head coaches in Friend and Marsh. I think they worked out ok for Munster. Jeff Cain's first head job was at Whiting and won the Regional his 2nd year. Buzea first head job was at Portage and they were state runner up his first year. Same for Brad Smith @ Crown Point and your coach Dave Shelborne's first head job was at Highland. Hiring an assistant that went to your school, has been on staff 10 years and knows the kids (all of which are true for Grunewald) I think has a little edge on an outside candidate that may not know the school as well.
  5. I'd argue Andrean has been relevant as well. 2-3 in State Title games since '01. Demographics have rapidly changed in the Region since the turn of the century. Lake County is the most diverse county in the state ethnically and racially. Past "state-wide relevant" programs like Griffith, Hobart and Merrillville have experienced large increases in Hispanic student population which has led to a rise in soccer and minor decreases to their football programs, among many other factors. The biggest hindering factor for 6A NWI teams is simply due to the lack of a large city and metro population of that city. Indy is 800,000+ and well over a million metro population. Fort Wayne is 270,000 not counting metro. South Bend is a city of 110000 and large metro area that allows for Penn to have 3000+ kids. These large cities typically bring a larger talent pool of kids. Lake County's largest two cities are Hammond and Gary both around 80k. Crown Point is barely 30k and LC draws from 3 towns that add up to maybe 55000. Larger job markets bring families in to SB, FW and Indy while not as many people are moving to NWI and if they do, they have about 30 different high schools they can choose to live in. You can argue a million reasons why the Region has fallen off the statewide stage, but one of the biggest reasons has to be due to the large population growth around Indy and stagnant growth and loss of population in NWI since 2000. Yes, LC, CP, Valpo and Merrillville should be more successful than they have been and you can argue many reasons and be right, but they don't have the same numbers to access to the quality athletes that Carmel, FW Snider, Penn or Ben Davis do and I think that's the biggest factor in lack of success. And no offense 8mpg, but it's not like the greater Orange County area has had many relevant programs state wide either. Certainly not the same rich history that Northwest Indiana football has.
  6. Is that for sure happening? I know there have been talks and things in the Times, but I haven't seen any recent articles about all that was proposed to go up by Wolf Lake. Was that passed with the referendum last year? What all was proposed? Clark could use an update. Their facilities are on par, if not lacking behind Hammond High's and Gavit's. You have a good point, but until Clark starts winning, I don't think Whiting and Clark will completely flip or trade program success. As long as Whiting has Jeff Cain the HOF caliber coach that has built an incredible program and stays a little better academically than Clark, I don't see Whiting going downhill. It also helps that Whiting is 2A and Clark stuck in the 3A sectional with Andrean, Hanover, West Laf, Twin Lakes and Wheeler, the at most 20 kids that stay at Clark aren't going to win that sectional any time soon. Soccer is king at Clark and I don't see that changing with a new field. All that said, I really like Coach Testa at Clark. From the interviews I've read, he seems like a good guy and has made good progress with the Pioneers in his first season. Also, I love that we finally are talking Region football on this board. Very rarely get to do so.
  7. Then why the interim tag? "Zimmer and Munster athletic director Brian Clark were part of the hiring process, but didn't have a lot of time to talk to potential candidates in the six weeks since Marsh retired. With summer football beginning in June, they needed to get someone to lead the group as soon as possible." "The time was so short it was hard to do a good search," Zimmer said. "Jason will be able to prove himself. We believe in him. We'll just review it all in the fall."
  8. I bet with Coach Marsh's untimely retirement, the applicant pool wasn't as deep as it would have been if Coach had retired right after the season and given the ADs 5 months to make a hire instead of 5 weeks. Very poor timing with summer coming up for an established head coach to leave their program for Munster. Marsh was expected to go 1 more season and somewhat surprised everyone with the untimely announcement in April. Interesting that Grunewald has an interim tag. See how he does this season and if it doesn't go great, open it back up and allow for a proper time period for applicants and interviews. I think this was a smart move by Munster admins. DT, Hobart made the best out of the hand they were dealt with Coach Turley's legal incident. I think Coach Osika will do well at Hobart. LC consistently underpreforms, but I think Coach Bart is a great coach and will eventually turn them around. That was another goofy situation with Coach St. Germain leaving mid season 2016. Valpo was a joke from the point the parents ran Coach Coyle out of his job and hired the whacko who has no head coaching experience and sent his resume to the Hammond Times, but they ended up with who should have been hired in the first place with Coach Marshall. Finally, the cupboard is seemingly starting to run dry at Merrillville. Boys Basketball isn't the powerhouse it once was, a once Northern power girls bball team has fallen off the map and freshman level teams in all sports have apparently very low numbers. Baseball and softball are at all time lows, especially from the dominant run softball had in the 90s with a state championship. And finally, Pirate football had their worst season since 1960 going 1-9. I don't think all the blame falls on Coach Seiss as things seem to be going downhill at Merrillville. And from what I've read of your posts, you are viewing Region football from afar and don't have the same perspective as someone who still lives in and is involved in NWI football. Not trying to be disrespectful, but when was the last time you stepped foot in Highland to watch a game in person? Region football will probably never be a consistent force in 6A football unless a really good class comes through a Duneland school. The state success for Region schools will come at the 5A level with Laporte, Michigan City and Munster, 4A with Lowell, 3A Andrean and 2A Whiting. Fort Wayne and Indy schools are complete different animals than Crown Point, Dyer/St John/Schereville, Valpo and Merrillville with Fort Wayne having nearly 8x the population of the largest Duneland city of Merrillville (3500) and Indy being nearly 25x larger. The talent pool is too large in these areas for Region 6As to compete for state titles on a consistent basis with Carmel, warren, Ben davis or Center Grove. That is not to say that Portage or CP couldn't theoretically break through one year on a miracle run and win a state title. And I doubt we'll ever see a Hammond school compete for a title unless some consolidation occurs Long story short, I think Coach Grunewald will do great at Munster. Coach Marsh has been grooming him the past few seasons and he knows the program well. If worst goes to worst, the position reopens after the season and then I think we'd see Munster make a big hire. But let's hope he wins their first sectional in 22 years.. Good luck to Coach Gruney! Not an easy task to replace Coach Marsh. My 2 cents. Rat man.
  9. Here's a clip about the snowplow game. Starts at 10:48. RIP Coach Meyer
  10. Schoonveld was very good for KV this year. Great athlete. That game was 8 weeks ago. A better example of the Lowell D was on display last week against Griffith. Panthers wouldn't have gotten a first down if first stringers stayed in. WJOB Facebook lived last weeks game and will do the same for tomorrow. You might also find another Lowell game if you dig around the Region Sports Network Facebook page. I believe they taped Andrean-Lowell. Excited for a really good game tomorrow.