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  1. nk140

    Sectional 48

    North Knox-28 Tecumseh-8 Final Looks like NK will be at Linton for the Sectional 48 final
  2. North Knox-28 Tecumseh-8 Final Linton on tap next week for the Sectional 48 final
  3. North Knox-28 Tecumseh-8 56yd TD run on first posession of 2nd half.
  4. North Knox-21 Tecumseh-8 1 yd TD run. 2pt conversion good. On first drive of 2nd half. Very long drive taking all the way down to 2:06 left in 3Q.
  5. North Knox-21 Tecumseh-0 Pick 6 for Luke McKinnon
  6. North Knox-14 Tecumseh-0 NK with a 74 yd TD run. 2pt conversion pass to Holt Mid 2Q
  7. North Knox-6 Tecumseh-0 End of 1Q NK fumbles the ball at their own 23 on their second drive to end the 1Q
  8. North Knox-6 Tecumseh-0 1Q
  9. nk140

    Sectional 48

    Can't wait for Friday. Going to make it to my first game of the year. I have listened to all of them but couldn't make the drive previously.
  10. North Knox-45 Springs Valley-7 End of 3Q
  11. He always has had a problem with Vincennes.
  12. nk140

    Sheridan visits Linton

    I am going to be picking the underdog. Sheridan-27 Linton-24
  13. I look forward to the sectional. Hopefully they meet up in the finals.
  14. nk140

    * Week Seven Scores *

    Exactly. Sectionals look to be a doozy