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  1. I assume this includes the University of Luers. There were several years that the U of L had one of the top teams in the state - all classes. We had no chance.
  2. Cass was very good in the sectional v. Eastbrook. Seems like a long time ago, don't remember the details. But we had our hands full - couldn't do much of anything until pulling away late.
  3. Billy

    CIC Regional

    Kinda silly playing "what ifs" . Too many factors involved. Yes Eastbrook did handle Ole Miss very decisively many many weeks ago, but means little now. The Greenwood game score was very close, but Greenwood stats were actually very impressive. Would've Eastbrook beaten Greenwood? Maybe. Generally guessing, would Eastbrook be as successful playing in 4A Class Championships? As an Eastbrook fan, I would say no. Not likely. Could even say: No Way. As good as Eastbrook is, I must show respect to the Class 4A teams. And that goes for Class 3A as well. Eastbrook is in class 2A. I'm just hoping we can beat Woodlan. I assume Woodlan has every intention of coming here Friday and beating us. And I have respect for Woodlan and I assume they could do it. Would the 1972 Miami Dolphins go undefeated today? Guessing not. Maybe fun to play "what ifs" but actually means little.