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  1. Yup, but not just parents....the trash lawyers too. -- treating the courts like a scratch off ticket
  2. NorthIndySports

    Top 50 players article

    I'll second that -- Your QB and the big OL kid Elliott missing too.
  3. Great assessment -- they have talent at several positions. Just not putting it all together yet. From everything I have heard Pebbles is an excellent coach and has talent for offense. Is he calling the plays?
  4. NorthIndySports

    Cathedral @ Brownsburg

    My buddy told me Cathedral had over 200 yards rushing - sounds like the O-line performed well.
  5. NorthIndySports

    Center Grove @ New Pal

    You should see what open borders does for transfers over our way.
  6. NorthIndySports

    Cathedral QB

    Kumbaya Gents - saw this article and thought of this thread. BOTH programs are well represented and some of the kids mentioned here on both sides get some good coverage. So as Bryant Gumbel would say -- "Let's move on" https://247sports.com/Article/Top-Performers-Indianapolis-Horseshoe-Classic-2018-120837735/
  7. NorthIndySports

    Cathedral QB

    Well that generated some interest!! My first comment was that the Irish QB looked good so let’s just leave it at that. Saying someone is overhyped is far from a put down. Clearly the public/private issue is a sticky point here so I will avoid it to keep the snowflakes from melting.
  8. NorthIndySports

    Cathedral QB

    I am not diminishing anyone. If anything I am complimenting those kids as athletes. Two of them Bo Sanders and Tex Elliott are D1 talents. If there were better private school options closer to Avon you might have the same issue with losing local players. Reminding anyone on this board (especially parents) that we know and care these kids are not with us is important. The problem is that in many situations they go private and no one fights to keep them. No one says "hey" we would love to have you on our team. Recruiting should go both ways. So I won't be giving it a rest.
  9. NorthIndySports

    Cathedral QB

    He did look good - better throws than the over hyped kid last year. Your HSE talent looked good too ;) - B.Sanders, T.Elliott, B.Kaufman, W.Goheen, . We pulled out a win for our new coach too. Just think what kind of a team we could have if those kids were playing for us.
  10. NorthIndySports

    Freshman Teams Disappearing Fast

    Good point -- I wonder what % of kids that go to PP carry on private High Schools?
  11. NorthIndySports

    Smack Talk

    Keep pointing backward........NWA, Beastie Boys, Public Enemy!
  12. NorthIndySports

    Smack Talk

    That wasn't hip-hop......Prodigy is EDM (Electronica) and/or Alt Rock. Some would call it Techno (which would be wrong) but not Hip-Hop. I'm not being a smart butt....just trying to help educate. They are in this guide considered the gold standard of the history of Electronic music. http://techno.org/electronic-music-guide/
  13. NorthIndySports

    Freshman Teams Disappearing Fast

    This touches on an issue that has needed be addressed for years. Kids grow and mature at different rates.....the kid that was shorter and heavy in 5th grade can mature into a 6'4" beast. Likewise the taller quicker kid in 5th grade can end up small and slow by the time he is freshman. Unfortunately these kids get pigeon holed at a young age and don't play multiple positions. Sometimes the rules say if your are (X) weight you can only play line. So the bigger kids that really need to participate are already limited. Fast forward a few years and who is playing QB? The kid that already has experience doing it?.....or someone who has never touched the ball. Football is going to have to adapt to attract more kids.
  14. NorthIndySports

    Freshman Teams Disappearing Fast

    HSE frosh numbers down -- even in populated area like ours the youth participation rate had dropped about 15% and we are feeling it.