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  1. They have not put in his stats from last Friday, which I believe he had 2, which would put him 10th with 22.5. Regardless, Danville's front 7 is too good. And you know what they say... Defense Wins Championships.
  2. Danville's strengths is their defense. They have out scored their opponents by 428 points (560-132) and they have pitched 3 shutouts this year, even when throwing in their JV in the 4th. Their defense is criminal underrated, still after holding Chatard's offense to only 7 points. It doesn't matter what level you play on, that is impressive. Not to mention Plant, who is top 10 I the nation for sacks (which is legitimate by the way). Danville's offense is also very good. They average about 44 points a game. With their senior QB Hiland in the backfield, is a threat on the ground in the air. And with their receivers Stevens, Burton, and underrated Broderick, Hiland can share the love all over the field without worry. I do not believe Evansville's defense can handle Danville's overall talent across the board. My prediction is Danville by AT LEAST 14 The Warrior's are too good at home and have proven themselves game in and game out.