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  1. Woodmen Football Fan

    Greenwood at East central

    That's bold! guessing it will be a lot closer tho.
  2. I think the crowd at a neutral/mid-way site would be similar to a home town crowd, for regionals / semi-state in a state the size of Indiana. Agree that not everyone will drive an hour for a regular season or sectional game, but by the time you get to regionals, people are pretty hyped up and (imo) don't mind a bit of a drive.
  3. It's complicated! And I shouldn't complain too much, because we've had two home games, and two away games that were less than an hour away. For sectionals (3 games): First Round: The second-named team in the blind draw is host school unless the two teams agree to switch the site. Semifinals: The team without a home game will host. Exception: The bye team will always be the visitor. If both teams were hosts or both were visitors, the second-named team in the quarter bracket will host. In 6A & 5A, in the four team sectionals, the second-named team will host. Championships: Host team will be the team that has played the most away games. If both teams have played the same number of away games, the bottom bracket team shall host. For regionals: Sectional final game non-host, if applicable, or lower sectional # (i.e., Sect. 1 is lower than Sect. 2). For semi-state: *Regional non-host, if applicable, or lower sectional # (i.e., Sect. 1 is lower than Sect. 2). *If regional winner has not hosted either sectional final or regional, that school will be the designated host.
  4. I can't argue with that! Seems like most people are unfamiliar with Greenwood - maybe because with Roncalli in the same sectional, it's been awhile since Greenwood has been able to advance. (Not that I think the north WILL win - gotta go with my hometown team ftw)
  5. Woodmen Football Fan

    Greenwood at East central

    Hoping to get it done, this weekend and next!
  6. Bonecrusher, our game is away (80 min drive), on the (grass) home field of a team who is playing their 4th straight home game. So that definitely seems like a big advantage for them. We will just have to bring it! Hoping the field we'll be playing on is pretty decent. Ever seen the field at Guerin Catholic? It is grass and IMMACULATE.
  7. Gwood passes pretty well too, so it's possible you are getting too far ahead of yourselves (in assuming that EC will be at LOS : )
  8. Cougs73, I'm originally from LaPorte so was really hoping for a Greenwood - New Prairie game this year. And re: how good Greenwood is compared to EC and the teams from the North - guess we'll soon see!
  9. Woodmen Football Fan

    A Primer on Holding

    Thank you! Maybe this week I'll be a little less confused : )
  10. I think it's an advantage for East Central that they are playing 4 straight home games on their own field (which is grass), when their opponent (Greenwood) plays almost all of their games on turf. But, I'll go with the old-school folks and say that it's football in November, we can't make everything exactly equal for all, and if you're upset about playing on a muddy field you should choose a different sport.