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  1. kdets89

    Week 9 Scores..

    Shortridge 0 Lutheran 46 Final
  2. kdets89

    Week 8 Scores

    Lutheran 39 Speedway 7 Final
  3. kdets89

    WEEK 8 - AP POLL

    Anderson Prep follows Adams Central in the alphabetical list of 1A schools. Not sure how the media members vote, but if it's anything like the GID poll voting page, it would be easy for someone to mistakenly select Anderson Prep. Or the AP poll is really that bad.
  4. Selfishly, it would have been nice to see results against a common opponent one week removed. Is NCF on fall break, or was travel the concern?
  5. kdets89

    Week 7 Scores

    Would like to have seen this game. Looking forward to the rematch in sectionals. Next matchup could still go either way
  6. kdets89

    Week 7 Scores

    Monrovia 10 Lutheran 22 Final
  7. kdets89

    Week 6 Scores

    This is a bit of a reach. Scecina/Triton Central is going to be a great game, probably twice including the tourney. 2A south will have their hands full with the winner of this sectional. This is most certainly true.
  8. kdets89

    Week 5 Scores

    Lutheran 35 Park Tudor 6 Final
  9. kdets89

    Game Night Scores:

    Lutheran 0 Triton Central 17 Halftime
  10. kdets89

    GID Poll Week 3

    We all have biases that cloud our judgment. Mea maxima culpa.
  11. kdets89

    Week 2 Scores

    Ritter 21 Lutheran 32 Final
  12. kdets89

    Week 1 Scores

    Lutheran 13 Beech Grove 6 Halftime
  13. I think a larger college site would be great. But, if you've ever had a kid play in a club baseball tournament on a college field, you already know what the rental fee would look like.
  14. Win or lose, that's always good to hear. Thank you.