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  1. BTB30

    AP Poll Week 3

    I’d say the answer is that more voters thought a win over BD (1-1) was better than a win over Trinity (0-2). I don’t know how they could determine that but that apparently was the logic.
  2. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.
  3. BTB30

    6A Football

    Like you, I am optimistic the future competitiveness of HCC schools. I just don’t know that they are quite able to compete with the size of some of the MIC programs year in and year out. It will take a “perfect storm” type of year....talent in the right spots, avoiding injuries and a good tournament draw (or upset on the other side of a bracket) IMO. For these reasons, I think it’s hard to predict the next state champ from the HCC.
  4. BTB30

    6A Football

    It won’t be easy but I agree. Avon has a few holes to fill from graduation and probably lacks depth whereas Warren and Carmel should be able withstand an injury or two.
  5. Well said. Having been around the game for 20+ years I completely agree. I don’t claim to know anything of this situation. What I have seen change is the kids, by product of parenting, they have changed. The level of disrespect is unbelievable. I believe that the root cause is that parents teach their kids not to respect coaches from their earliest experiences. Ask someone you know how their kid is doing in bantam football or little league and 9/10 times part of their reply will include “he/she doesn’t have a very good coach” or “the coach has no idea where to play kids”. Never mind that those coaches are doing what that parent isn’t doing which is volunteering thier time. Coach Moore could very well be at fault in this situation, I don’t know. The uninformed me views this as part of a movement to blame coaches for the lack of success one’s child has in athletics. This reminds me of a conversation that I had with a lower level college coach regarding recruiting. He said that recruiting before the end of the senior year is largely a waste of time because every kid and parent thinks they are a Power 5 player until then. What I am saying is that there is a huge problem with accountability and self awareness regardless of the situation at Center Grove.
  6. According to his Twitter profile, Justin Roden has been selected as the new HC at Noblesville. @rodenjustin
  7. There are always two sides or accounts of a story and then there is the truth... I lean in favor of “old school” coaching philosophies and fear that many life lessons are lost by some newer approaches. I don’t believe that players should be treated as a coach’s friend nor handled like snowflakes...but if the truth is anything close to the newspaper report this was a criminal act of battery and not something that should have been punished solely by the school. I find it unbelievable that the account in the paper could be consistent with actions that took place at practice. I know nothing other than what I have read here but simply do not believe it to be accurate given the punishment handed down by the school and his eventual promotion.
  8. BTB30

    6A Football

    I think Avon will be very good. Defense returns nearly all of its starters. Offensively they do have to replace QB and receivers. They have some good options and expect the transition to be made easier with James in the backfield and a very solid returning O-line. Time will tell. Curious who you think the other 2 teams are that will compete for the HCC title?
  9. I understand and respect everyone’s right to an opinion but give Coach Simmons time. What were anyone’s expectations for the ‘18 season with Kirchner or anyone else at the helm? It make not be the sexy pick of Hart to Brownsburg but I don’t think many thought that Herbert at Carmel or Marsh at Roncalli were the best hires either....those don’t look so bad now, do they? Bottom line....Jason a Simmons is a decent man with a lot of football knowledge that is passionate about this program. I’m not saying that this will go down as a great hire. I just think he deserves a chance. Also consider that this is not an easy job. I know that their are some great coaches around that had ZERO interest in the job. 200 players and staff, high expectations, a tough schedule and playing in the south semi-state....not an easy job!
  10. BTB30


    Wouldn’t rule out a run by Concord either
  11. Yep...every good 3A conversation should included West Lafayette
  12. You are correct...I forgot that they left that sectional last year.
  13. 1A- PIONEER and everyone else 2A- WEBO or Mater Dei. Southridge and Tipton have a shot too. Southridge lost a lot for a 2A school but has a strong group of rising sophomores 3A- MEMORIAL, Danville or Guerin. 4A- EAST CENTRAL and Lowell 5A- COLUMBUS EAST or Cathedral. Zionsville could be a dark horse. New Pal too it if can find a way past Columbus East in the sectional. CE will have a different look but should be a very solid bunch 6A- WARREN CENTRAL, Carmel, CG or Avon...Its too early to tell with BD and LC. Columbus North probably doesn’t have a great shot but could make things leading up to LOS interesting. 6A has the fewest teams but may have the most possibilities. Warren probably has the deepest roster if that becomes a factor. Carmel and Avon should both be very good defensively. On offense the top teams seem to have the most consistency at RB. Many will have new QBs, WR’s or both. Warren looks to have the most back in offensive skilled positions...ironically Dean Tate played both QB and WR at times and will be missed but they do return the leading passer, rusher and receiver.
  14. BTB30

    Columbus north

    Everyone on this forum knows what happened at Columbus...both coaches were out of line in the heat of the moment and that was unfortunate. The fake news is you creating a post that infers that his job is in jeopardy because you know a guy that knows a guy that would like him replaced. Perhaps you also know a guy that knows a guy that would like to be the HC there Coaches have families and it is unhealthy for programs to create speculation about their head coach. These are the reasons that the “coaching changes” thread has a no rumors rule posted.
  15. BTB30

    Columbus north

    Stop with the FAKE NEWS!