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  1. What is a school to do if they don't have an administrative team that has vision in regards to athletics? We are not living in a time period where many Superintendents, Principals, and Athletic Directors are grizzled old veterans who have taught and coached for many years. In fact, its often quite the contrary. Many schools are governed by those that got out of the classroom ASAP and have never coached. Of course they don't have vision for what athletics can mean for a young person and a community! SO............What is a coach supposed to do in that situation? And to piggy back on that question, If you had to make a list of "must haves" to have a successful athletics program, what would rank higher and why? Good coach? Or administrative team with vision and thoughtfulness regarding the schools athletic programs?
  2. I think the long time conference rivalries are good for Indiana Football. In attempt to do something good would playing in your "round robin conference/district/section", actually hurt Indiana football?
  3. Love this! Coaches and Student Athletes put a ton of time and effort into the game, and at the end of the day our time is all we have. Therefore coaches and kids "spend their lives" pursuing excellence in their chosen craft. It's a shame that many schools don't put their programs in a position to pursue excellence. They want to offer the sport and don't really think much further than that.
  4. You see it everywhere; the emasculation of America. Turn on the Olympics and you can watch 22 hours of swimming championships, but your lucky to get 1 hour of powerlifting finals at 3 am.
  5. Wedgebuster

    NLC - 2018

    Tough Draw for the Rockies. Think this happened a few years back in 2011 or 2012. Plymouth won in week 9 only to lose in the playoffs.
  6. Wedgebuster

    Seeded sectionals

    It's not the 10th game, its the having a definite "end date". Kids who are all in football players aren't a problem. Its the senior who feels like he hasn't gotten enough playing time, the kid who's favorite sport is wrestling or basketball, the fringe kid who is their because he needs football more than football needs him. It just adds another reason for them to "pack it in" early. While I don't think its as easy as you describe, a good coach will "rally the troops". It just adds a degree of difficulty to situation that is unnecessary.
  7. Wedgebuster

    Targeting Ejection Penalty

    I don't have that ability. Just an Indian on our staff and the Chief controls all sharing of our video. I think my description covers it. Offensive player pulling away from defender who has a hold of one foot at this point, LB running in to tackle the offensive player who was fighting for more yardage. Hard hit, chest to chest, but probably with some facemask to facemask contact. With that description, how should that be called? Again, I didn't like but I understood the flag. I don't understand the ejection.
  8. Wedgebuster

    Targeting Ejection Penalty

    WR's progress was not stopped, he was pull out of the grasp of the CB who had a hold of one foot at this point in the play. Help me with how I'm supposed to coach the LB on that play so that this doesn't happen again. ???? Again, I can see the flag. But I don't think it was close to the flagrant description. I worry that at times officials get amped up to enforce new points of emphasis and don't think about the fall out for that HS kid.
  9. Wedgebuster

    Targeting Ejection Penalty

    True, but the fact that a HS official makes that call without replay and the penalty could be much greater than in college bothers me. I'm probably extra jacked up about it right now as we had a situation last Friday where this exact scenario happened. WR is tied up around the ankles after catching a hitch on the sideline, during the 2nd defensive series of the game. LB runs over and tackles the WR. Head up, chest to chest, but the hit was a hard one and the WR's head snapped back. I was fine with the flag, I disagreed but I understood. I'm not okay with the fact that the LB was ejected for targeting and now essentially serves a 8 quarter penalty.
  10. Wedgebuster

    Targeting Ejection Penalty

    With this rule you could be taking up to 2/10 football games from a HS kid if the foul happens early in the 1st quarter. That is MUCH greater than the penalty for NCAA players who may sit as little as a 2nd half. The college athlete also has better body control and skills than a HS kid. I'm all for protecting the game, but I'm not all about taking what could be almost 8 quarters from a HS kid who put in a lot of work to play what could be as little as 40 quarters a year.
  11. Wedgebuster

    Seeded sectionals

    I coached a few years in Michigan and I can tell you that their Playoff system has some aspects that made me miss the IHSAA tournament. The biggest problem with MI restricting the field to 6+ win teams is the trouble that good programs have scheduling games. AD's have to go far and wide, sometimes out of state to fill their non-conference schedule. The 2nd biggest problem is motivating players after you've lost that 4th game. They then have a definite end date to their season. Makes the last weeks drudgery for kids and coaches. In Indiana coaches always can pump kids up with "we are going to get some guys healthy" "we are getting better, if we get a good sectional draw, we get on a run, who knows what we could do!?" I wonder if seeded sectionals would take away some of that?
  12. Wedgebuster

    Tournament Rules

    What has been common practice as far as the punishments doled out by AD's or the IHSAA?
  13. Wedgebuster

    In the NIC - WEEK # 6

    Living in Michigan you hear the sentiment of "dang Granger kids at Edwardsburg." Its tongue in cheek for people that get it, they have a great coach, kids play hard, etc. BUT, the Eddies were a doormat for years until as MichGuy stated, around the year 2000 when they started to get that enrollment up-swing. As a teacher I get why parents would send their kids there. Worry about kids not having the opportunities at a school the size of Penn's that would at Edwardsburg. I think both schools do a great job in the classroom and on the football field. But if your a parent making that decision for your kids, its more fun to play than to watch, and its just a numbers game. Lot easier to find the field at a school of 880 than 3,000+. Interesting to me having lived in both states that, Michigan will put 256 teams in their state playoff tournament, and thats just the teams that win 6+ games (yes a few 5-4 teams round out the field based on a point system) but thats a large number of schools in the upper 1/3rd of the win column. How many schools does Indiana have in total playing football? 300? 350? Indiana has sooo many larger schools than Michigan, and its just going to be a continuing trend with some of the Education laws that have been passed. You see Central and Memorial consolidating. Many GID posters have ripped Carmel for years for not splitting. On this side of the state line you see schools splitting districts into East and West or North and South to give kids more opportunities and with schools being largely funded by property tax, I say good on the taxpayers for making that decision for their communities.
  14. Is it Football programs with their 4-5 home games a year or basketball programs with their 10 home games that "bear the load" of athletic departments?
  15. Why does continuity have to Trump Success? Doesn't Coach Grunewald have a unique perspective of seeing what did and didn't work for Coach Marsh? He is rooted in the community, will retain the staff whom he has a working relationship with, he knows the opponents they play year in and year out. If the school and the community want to push for greater success on the field isn't a lot of that tied to how much support a coach gets compared to who the coach is? Will admin back him when angry parents come calling? Will they hire teachers who coach? Will they set a class schedule that allows players to consistently take a weight training class all through HS? Will they sell a vision that promotes educational athletics to their students? The game is not that complicated, run, block, tackle, and get kids to believe in and take pride in what they are doing. I worry that sometime we paint "big hires" as these coaching gurus, and sometimes they are. But also don't you think that sometimes they are just in a great situation with great administrative support?