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  1. Booster 2018-19 414 1,737 posts Fan Media Member Midwest Report post Posted Saturday at 06:26 PM (edited) 1. After breaking a 13 game losing streak to rival Munster last week, upstart Highland was once again on the prowl, looking to snap a 17 game skid against NCC head honcho Lowell. The Red Devils prevailed in a close 7-0 contest, but Highland is coming on and playing with a sense of purpose and urgency under first year Coach Pete Koulianos. It doesn't get any easier this week as the Trojans travel to Hobart, a team they have never beaten. Look for Highland to give the Brickies all they can handle. I agree with Dt...Great for highland....I look for a close game here..Its good for region football for highland to be back in the mix 2. Munster and first year Interim Coach Jason Grunewald continue to struggle, falling to 1-5 after getting throttled 52-0 by Andrean. The Mustangs are in the midst of one of their all time worst seasons, and with numbers so low that the JV season was cancelled, MHS has a tough road ahead. Perhaps the Munster admin knew a tough season lie ahead, which is why they gave Grunewald the interim tag. I used to think that this was one of the most coveted jobs in The Region. Not so much anymore. I agree with Dt...hope that Munster could be better but with low numbers, will be difficult 3. Merrillville got back on track with a convincing 35-7 win over Laporte. The Pirates are big and strong in the trenches this year, and starting to look a bit like the rugged Merrillville teams of the past. MHS hosts Valparaiso in a big Duneland tilt this week that will position either school as the frontrunner for the conference championship. Great for DAC that Mville is back.....credit to Josh wissing Coordinator for getting Mville Offense back on track 4. Valpo smoked an outmanned Crown Point team 38-7 and improved to 4-0 in DAC play. First year HC Bill Marshall has the Vikings humming after opening the season with road losses to Penn and Mishawaka. Its been a long time since Demaree Stadium in Merrillville was filled for a Duneland Conference game. Will be interesting to see if Region fans show up this week in a game that has much riding on the line for both schools. Sorry Dt and Dacnut but this is where you really screwed up. just overrated City....You dissed Valpo and claimed City was the class of the Duneland and that Valpo was not even in the conversation anymore. You guys look sort of silly when you look at the numbers...Valpo 3-0 against Mason and MC....Valpo won DAc 2 of 3 last three years and probable this year... 5. Andrean has followed up a season opening loss to Merrillville with 5 straight wins, and the Class 3A 59ers might just be the best team in the area this season, regardless of class. Andrean is explosive offensively, averaging 40ppg and the improving defense has surrendered just one touchdown and 7 points over the past 3 games. The 59ers travel to Kankakee Valley this week in advance of a likely NCC championship game matchup with Lowell in week 8. Andrean will be seen in postseason...they lost to Mviille and easily beat Hobart... 6 . Class 2A Whiting is 6-0 after blasting Hanover Central 61-0 on Friday night. Outside of a 27-14 win over Boone Grove, the Oilers have not been challenged this season, and with games against Calumet and River Forest coming up, WHS will lack big game experience heading in to the post season. Whiting has been unable to fill a week 8 hole in its schedule due to Bishop Noll's decision to cancel their season due to low numbers. Whiting very good at 2a 7. Class 6A Lake Central, the biggest school in enrollment in Northwest Indiana, opened up the season in promising fashion with back to back wins over Munster and Morton . Since then, the Indians have dropped 4 straight in DAC play, and have not been competitive in any of the matchups. The latest debacle was a 49-6 drubbing at the hands of Michigan City. No Region school has underperformed over the past several seasons like LC has. There are some major problems with that program, starting with a general lack of overall talent, and a suspect and unproven coaching staff. Not sure they are serious about their football program. Sure doesn't look like it based on the results. Dt here you are right...just really not good football at LC...should be better with numbers...sort of sad 8. Crown Point is basically in the same boat as Lake Central. A big school with lots of resources but little football talent and a lack of drive to be successful. The Region is in dire need of some fresh. new and young coaching talent. Even given that, some of these suburban schools have gone "soft," focusing more on girls and country club sports. DT...CP bad this year.....seems like one of the problems starting soph at QB who is son of Principal...they are in weaker sectional but not a good team 9. After pushing Lowell to the limit in a 13-10 loss last week, I was expecting Kankakee Valley to come out and give Hobart a real challenge. The Brickies were coming off a blowout loss the prior week to Andrean, and really laid the wood on KV, blowing out the Kougars 31-6. KV has a 3 week stretch to close out the season with Andrean, Highland and Munster. Will be interesting to see if first year HC and former Kougar lineman James Broyles can keep his team focused and motivated going into this stretch run. This will be just as much of a test for the new head coach as it is for the players. brickies pretty good...tough sectional ahead 10. After losing a tough 14-7 ballgame at Ames Field against Valpo in Week 4, there was concern that the wheels might be coming off the bus for the Wolves, given the high expectations for the current season. MC has rebounded nicely, putting away Merrillville and Lake Central by the combined score of 91-27 over the past two weeks, and the team looks poised to finish strong and make a run again this year in the 5A playoffs. The Wolves will be heavily favored on the road this week at Portage. Wolves talented team with coaches who are good...Dt City still doesnt have culture to beat Valpo and win Dac. Admit it DT they could make a run in 5a playoffs to semi state 11. Portage just might be the most wildly inconsistent and unpredictable team from week to week, year to year in The Region. One week, Portage looks like it is heading in the right direction. The next, they can look totally lost and outmanned. This is a big school with a strong football heritage, yet lacks the necessities including speed, size and talent to compete regularly for league honors. Darren Rodriguez is 15-12 in his 3rd year at the school, and don't look now, he has the Red Indians in the hunt at 3-1 in conference play. A 3 week run thru Michigan City, Valpo and Laporte lie just ahead, which will be a huge gut check for Rodriguez and his team. Dt-you are spot on here on Portage..my guess is that they are beating the bad teams in DAc but when they face the good teams will not 12. Looking forward to the Cubs clinching celebration this week , an IU upset win over Michigan State tonight, and a big Bears win over Arizona on Sunday.  Bears win!!
  2. i think your bashing of the Dac has some merit when it comes to Merriville and lC. It seems likes MC has clearly passed both teams Whether that is permanent we will have to see. Mville fall and LC fall will be interesting whether they can get back to the top of the DAC. It also seems to me to be sort of an unfair comparison to compare the 6a to 5a teams and how they will do in the state tournament. We all agree that the 5A is better for teams, they don't have to go through Penn a perennial state power that doesn't mean mean the 6a teams are not even trying anymore.. Jeez, a couple of years ago Laporte won maybe 2 or 3 games in the Duneland and got the state finals in 5a. That should tell you something about the difference in competition.
  3. Has MC won the Duneland yet? I appreciate their turnaround as well, and certainly they benefit from being in 5a. BTW, Valpo beat Penn last year, and had a competitive game in the playoff, notwithstanding the coaching issue at the end of the year. Laporte will always be a challenge for anyone with the offense they run. You talk like all the duneland is bowing at the feet of MC, yet they have not won the conference? Get a grip DT
  4. Dt, Why do you think good successful coaches go to MC? 1. They are on their way out of some program for various reasons...money....fight with admin...etc Was case for both Buzea and Mason 2. The know that MC always has athletes Even if the school district has had problems and the program has had problems you know you will always have kids who can play football if you can get them coached up 3. They are polishing their resume for a high paying job somewhere else. This was the case for Buzea 4. Finally, not having to play in 6a is huge for a coach that want to make a run in post season 5a is place to be
  5. Michigan city should get credit for the hiring, but this situation fell in their lap, and was an obvious one for both sides. For Mason, the move represented a move to a school where he was paid more than at a private school, and got him away from the administrative disfunction of Andrean. He also knew that MC had the athletes. Mc had the ability to pick a coach who had won a state title, and wanted to move to a bigger division. Worked out great for both sides. Sometimes schools make things too confusing trying to make an enlightened decision, when the obvious one is right in front of them
  6. rafterman

    Valparaiso Head Coach

    This will be a hire that makes total sense to the people running Valpo, and no sense to anyone else in the region...
  7. Coach Nowlin, I know what I am posting....is this a site to talk about stuff or not... http://www.nwitimes.com/sports/high-school/football/valparaiso-high-school-will-hire-steven-mueller-as-football-coach/article_12b07732-f2f5-5182-bb9e-ba6803443340.html
  8. Dt, you state MC and Laporte top two programs in DAC, yet Valpo. has won DAC last 2 of 3 years. Did you notice Valpo beat both laporte and MC last year? Certainly Valpo favored next year 2. What you think of their coaching situation? They will be good next year too.