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  1. i think your bashing of the Dac has some merit when it comes to Merriville and lC. It seems likes MC has clearly passed both teams Whether that is permanent we will have to see. Mville fall and LC fall will be interesting whether they can get back to the top of the DAC. It also seems to me to be sort of an unfair comparison to compare the 6a to 5a teams and how they will do in the state tournament. We all agree that the 5A is better for teams, they don't have to go through Penn a perennial state power that doesn't mean mean the 6a teams are not even trying anymore.. Jeez, a couple of years ago Laporte won maybe 2 or 3 games in the Duneland and got the state finals in 5a. That should tell you something about the difference in competition.
  2. Has MC won the Duneland yet? I appreciate their turnaround as well, and certainly they benefit from being in 5a. BTW, Valpo beat Penn last year, and had a competitive game in the playoff, notwithstanding the coaching issue at the end of the year. Laporte will always be a challenge for anyone with the offense they run. You talk like all the duneland is bowing at the feet of MC, yet they have not won the conference? Get a grip DT
  3. Dt, Why do you think good successful coaches go to MC? 1. They are on their way out of some program for various reasons...money....fight with admin...etc Was case for both Buzea and Mason 2. The know that MC always has athletes Even if the school district has had problems and the program has had problems you know you will always have kids who can play football if you can get them coached up 3. They are polishing their resume for a high paying job somewhere else. This was the case for Buzea 4. Finally, not having to play in 6a is huge for a coach that want to make a run in post season 5a is place to be
  4. Michigan city should get credit for the hiring, but this situation fell in their lap, and was an obvious one for both sides. For Mason, the move represented a move to a school where he was paid more than at a private school, and got him away from the administrative disfunction of Andrean. He also knew that MC had the athletes. Mc had the ability to pick a coach who had won a state title, and wanted to move to a bigger division. Worked out great for both sides. Sometimes schools make things too confusing trying to make an enlightened decision, when the obvious one is right in front of them
  5. rafterman

    Valparaiso Head Coach

    This will be a hire that makes total sense to the people running Valpo, and no sense to anyone else in the region...
  6. Coach Nowlin, I know what I am posting....is this a site to talk about stuff or not... http://www.nwitimes.com/sports/high-school/football/valparaiso-high-school-will-hire-steven-mueller-as-football-coach/article_12b07732-f2f5-5182-bb9e-ba6803443340.html
  7. Dt, you state MC and Laporte top two programs in DAC, yet Valpo. has won DAC last 2 of 3 years. Did you notice Valpo beat both laporte and MC last year? Certainly Valpo favored next year 2. What you think of their coaching situation? They will be good next year too.