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  1. Benchwarmer_14

    Sectional 63

    This should be a really fun sectional to watch. Looking at the bottom of the bracket Loogootee will be awaiting the winner of WC vs VR. Dream draw for Loogootee. Vincennes Rivet will likely be the winner. Loogootee only defeated VR by 7 back on Jan 27. So there is a possibility for a couple of big upsets in this sectional. I like the Shoals team a lot, but this is just not their year. I dont think the BR vs Shoals game will be a complete blowout like it was during the season but at the same time the JugRox do not matchup well with the Vikings. The Ainscough kid has finally found some rhythm and the Wagler kid has picked up the intensity which has taken a lot of pressure off the big guy in the middle. Should BR make it to Orleans in the second round unfortunately I think the fans will get to watch an ugly game of stall ball with BR coming out on top. The Loogootee Barr-Reeve match up is what most want to see for the 3rd time this year. I agree that Pendley needs to see more playing time. He changes the game for the Lions when he is in there. Hes a good hustle kid. Ive watched loogootee several times this year and for them to win they must get every one involved (i.e. the GPBT) In the end I think BR pulls out the championship but not with out a fight.
  2. Benchwarmer_14

    1A Sectional 57

    Yes, Bloomfield should walk away with this, BUT. They have played so inconsistent this year and the Gilbert kid for Shakamak has found his game at the right time. And from what I understand there is drama brewing at BHS. The Royal kid only played 1:30 in the second half ( of the 4th qtr) of last nights game against Barr-Reeve. He is a pretty good 3 pt shooter and ball handler. I think BHS shot like 2/18 from behind the arc last night. Word on the street is that many think BHS will loose to either Shakamak or Clay City. It is a very weak sectional and I wouldnt mind seeing Shakamak or Clay City come out champions.
  3. Benchwarmer_14

    Barr-Reeve 56 Loogootee 49 3 OT

    There is definitely a disconnect on this team. IMO it involves the big kid O’Neill. It seems to be getting more and more obvious. The team does not want to throw him the ball. Over the last 4 games I don’t know how many times I’ve heard Hughes yelling throw him the ball. He was far from spectacular during regulation but finally showed up in the 3rd OT. Unfortunately his size is an asset and you can’t really sub for him. You are correct Wagler won this game for the Vikings. His hustle was nice to see and he seems to be improving this season.
  4. Benchwarmer_14

    Buggy Bowl Barr-Reeve 44 North Daviess 24

    North Daviess is a team playing with no confidence. I really thought Kirk Wagler would have a tremendous season, but to this point in the season the several games I have watched ND play he has played scared and not looked to score. Wininger has had some good games but against lesser talent. I don’t think he looked to pass out of the double team once against BR. Shom Berry has done a decent job of keeping the Cougars in games. ND is young and there is hope for the future but you have to wonder when Dalrympl will figure out he needs an offensive overhaul.
  5. Benchwarmer_14

    Sectional 63

    If the “blind” draw works out like it usually does then Loogootee and Barr-Reeve will meet in a first round matchup.