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  1. HoopsRunner

    Forest Park Facilities

    This team was going to get it done if we play in a parking lot
  2. HoopsRunner

    Forest Park Facilities

    As their neighbors some of us Patriot fans like to give them a hard time about bleachers on 1 side but it is good fun. Setting is unique, atmosphere is good, and hospitality is even better. You will have a very good experience IMO
  3. HoopsRunner

    PAC week 9

    Thx the boys really put in a ton of work after being .500 last year. Hopefully everyone stays healthy and both teams get it done next week for a great rematch.
  4. HoopsRunner

    PAC week 9

    No doubt about it raiders have played this year missing key dudes. But I think if some of those guys get back close to 100% then 2A better look out. Ones of those things where missing kids have made others step up and get better and now add those kids who have been missing back into the mix at a hungrier fresher than normal for this time of year. Another big time run is coming Bottom line is I think most teams would love to have either right now
  5. HoopsRunner

    Sectional 32

    IMO another prime example against the success factor I see your point I would say Gavin flexes between LB and Safety. I was just looking at our D with him as an LB
  6. HoopsRunner

    PAC week 9

    is there no SR at GS thread? I will really be interested in how this game plays out
  7. HoopsRunner

    Sectional 32

    Begle at DB is a senior Dave
  8. sure, I would like to go look for an example of how a state seeds its playoffs using a classed all in format? I am not against seeding but I honestly do not see how you do that in our area? Our sectional 32 in 3A is a great example to use because you could seed it accurately this year fairly easily but I am guessing there are plenty of years it would be extremely difficult. SIAC, PAC, Big 8 conferences. Memorial, Heritage Hills, Gibson Southern, Pike Central, Vincennes, Princeton, Washington, Mt. Vernon.
  9. I totally agree with embracing change but your statement should read change can be good it isn't always good. Again can you please point me to where I can see the greatness of seeding all in class football?
  10. thx Bob I just am not as travelled as you or understand how every other place does it. Can you show us how some of the other places seeding systems work?
  11. I absolutely concede the "meaningless" point in relationship to the tourney that let's everyone in and that is what we do. I do NOT however concede the regular season is meaningless at all. Because I still believe that conference championships and rivalry games are almost as important as tournament success(and in some cases for teams that have no shot to win a sectional with a traditional year in year out powerhouse team in their sectional). Please understand that I am not saying that the argument to seed is invalid. I am saying that IMO I do not believe at the high school level there is a truly fair way evaluate teams. Too many variables, school size, conference affiliation, injuries, etc. I just don't believe anything I have seen can do it. There are arguments at the collegiate level for the top 10 and these rankings are the best that money can buy.
  12. sorry I disagree it is that tough way too many variables in conferences and schedules
  13. sorry but I feel that is completely irrelevant to high school whether the 75-0 game happens in round 1 or the championship. seeding does not eliminate that. OK again IMO rewarding regular season success at high school level is not relevant. And even if you did how would you relate that to seeding when there are so many variables. Even the college system rankings take into account injuries. Is there really something capable of doing that at HS level?
  14. HoopsRunner

    Sectional 32

    VL and EM on the top and HH and GS on the bottom. agreed
  15. Just tell me where to send it. Again I say this is high school football so what if the 2 ranked teams play in the first round the semifinal or the championship. The winner is going to advance right? It is not ridiculous. Ridiculous would be trying to say that we have a rating system that properly seeds a sectional. And even if they could which they cannot. My apologies to sagarin, cal prep, max prep, different polls etc. I repeat why is it so important to give the easiest path to the championship based on a rating system?