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  1. Eric Feller

    Tournament Pairings Show

    Who are they unveiling first this year?
  2. Situation on Friday night: 4 and ???? for Team A Pass is incomplete for Team A Cornerback from Team B celebrates in Team A's Face Unsportsmanlike penalty is called on Team B Officials give ball back to Team A FWIW, I was on Team A and sent my defense on the field even after the penalty was called. I told the officials, even in my own interest (game wasn't close), that I thought Team B should get the ball. They just told me I'm getting the ball ball. I just said "Whatever. We'll take it." Team B should've been given ball, correct?
  3. Eric Feller

    Untimed down?

    I thought an interception in the End zone was automatic touchback and automatic dead ball?
  4. Eric Feller

    Pioneer Opponent Week 1

    Oldenburg is at 221 this year and growing.
  5. Eric Feller

    New Rules Changes

    As a coach of a small 1A school, I'm now all for it. :)
  6. Eric Feller

    Kick - End Zone - Force

  7. Eric Feller

    Contact by DB on Potential Receiver

    As long as the pass hasn't been thrown, there was nothing wrong with what the DB did. I would think it would just be 2nd and 10.