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  1. Well deserved. Congrats. Kiser = 30 votes Bell = 17 votes Lindauer = 5 votes Yoder = 4 votes
  2. But they are all obviously GREAT "teachers." Close. Oklahoma.
  3. The 72 Dolphins... The 96 Bulls... The 1998 Yankees... The 2018 Slice60s... My Mount Rushmore.
  4. I bet you are a blast at parties...
  5. If you have TEN finalists it waters down the award and the honor of being a "finalist" is laughable. It just baffles me that this is such a SLAM DUNK as far as Elliott being a finalist AT MINIMUM. Hell, I think he should be the clear winner. But let's not pretend we are holier than one another. This is a high school football message board. No one is treating this like it is life or death but these types of conversations are the reasons behind having this community to speak about the sport.
  6. There are COUNTLESS examples in both basketball AND football. To suggest that it shouldn't happen is ludicrous. As stated, I think that the two took votes from one another. Bell may have barely made the cut for the top four. @Coach Nowlin, how does it work? Now that it has been narrowed to four is their a re-vote with only those four on the ballot or are they just waiting until next Wednesday to build suspense and these four gentlemen were just the top four in the voting?
  7. I actually think that Bell cost Elliott making the final cut and Elliott may ultimately cost Bell the win because voters were so split on them.
  8. So two of the best four/five players in the state can’t be on the same team? Got it.
  9. None of them. Just add Elliott. Is there a rule that says it must be narrowed down to four?
  10. And why wouldn’t there be? A running back who just led his team to a top 15 finish nationally, ran for over 40 TDs, 3000 yards against the toughest schedule in the state didn’t even crack the top FOUR? Sorry. Just not buying it. Guilty until proven innocent. It is what it is.
  11. It’s not a 4 year award in my opinion.
  12. Not obligated but you have to admit, it would be interesting. Please don’t put words in my mouth.
  13. Not sure why that’s so surprising. Same criteria on a smaller scale, correct?
  14. Heisman votes are made public, why not this? In all honesty, I apologize for being naive about this but could you honestly outline the process for clowns like myself?
  15. I’d love an insight to the voting process and who is among those who vote and where they are from. Is this available?