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  1. Temptation

    GID Tourney Contest: UPDATE

    All of the entries have been forwarded to the proper folks. Thank you SO much for your participation and willingness to help. Should be a fun few weeks. It is our goal to have the standings updated by the following WEDNESDAY after games are played. Please be patient as many folks are volunteering their time. Those users will post class by class standings and then I will formulate cumulative standings as the rounds progress. Good luck to all! 6a: Temptation 5a: dmizers3 4a: jfries 3a: jfries 2a: TCFootball70 1a: TCFootball70 Cumulative: Temptation
  2. Temptation

    Running Clocks

    Maybe they should convince their AD’s to go to the Tecmo Bowl style clock. (If you get this reference, the late 80’s/early 90’s were great to you.)
  3. Temptation

    New Pal vs Zionsville

    New Pal 56-21.
  4. Getting back in town and getting re-organized and I will send the appropriate brackets to those who volunteered to help grade shortly. Use this thread for tournament conversation as you please. Predicted State Champions By the Numbers: 6A: Warren Central - 22 Avon - 1 5A: New Palestine - 20 Cathedral - 1 Decatur Central - 1 Michigan City - 1 4A: Fort Wayne Dwenger - 5 Mishawaka - 5 NorthWood - 4 East Central - 3 Mooresville - 3 Evansville Central - 1 Fort Wayne Wayne - 1 Northview - 1 3A: Chatard - 11 Evansville Memorial - 5 West Lafayette - 4 Heritage Hills - 2 Brebeuf - 1 2A: Western Boone - 11 Scecina - 7 Eastbrook - 1 Rensselaer Central - 1 Southridge - 1 Tipton - 1 1A: Pioneer - 22
  5. It’s refreshing to see this post. Sometimes is easy to forget that athletics are secondary and just a small part of creating the complete student. Pike just gained a new fan. SO many schools are quick to upgrade facilities and lose sight of the big picture. The shark has been jumped in my opinion and like Driven posted, the gap between the haves and the have nots is larger than I can ever remember. Combine that with open enrollment and brain washing of student athletes and you have the perfect formula for 3-4 powerhouses in the sport. And I firmly believe this plays a part in why it is perceived that “the community doesn’t care.” It’s a combination of the two. Stop putting words in his mouth and twisting them to play the victim. He stated that many times...and he’s right.
  6. Temptation

    Cathedral at Center Grove

    If you are good enough to play, who cares?
  7. Temptation

    New Pal 84 Delta 13

    Yes, I knew we’d get to the name calling eventually. Well done.
  8. Temptation

    New Pal 84 Delta 13

    If they haven’t “found a defense” by now it’s not happening.
  9. When they went all in with this coaching staff hire is when LC became a football power. Got off to slow start in year 1...will be interesting going forward.
  10. Yes, but Warren’s “step back” may be an 8/9 win season...
  11. Temptation

    New Pal 84 Delta 13

    New Pal is a given. We are comparing Zionsville and Michigan City. Try to keep up here.