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  1. OldSchoolFB

    SAC week 9

    Snider by 17 Dwenger by 14 Homestead by 33 Concordia by 14 Wayne by 10
  2. OldSchoolFB

    SAC week 8

    Carroll by 10 Luers by 28 Northrop by 20 Saints by 1 Homestead by 17
  3. Dabears and Lifer, Yes that is the player. As far as beating teams ranked higher, you could be right but as long as the Saints don’t hurt themselves, I feel they are too talented to be beaten. IF, Patrick Finley returns (at 100%) he should add the offensive dynamic they’ve been missing. The Lytle kid could help alot at WR too if he isn’t playing QB. Combine those two with the Eifert kid and Da Saints can have a running attack worthy of DaRegion teams with a passing game to match. Combined with the current D and it’s a very very good team.
  4. Does anyone know the status of the Junior WR/RB they lost early in the season? If he comes back in time and can produce like he should, I don’t see anyone stopping Dwenger. I don’t see anyone stopping them as it is.
  5. I have had that thought as well NorthIndy. Another question I wish everyone would ask themselves is, what would happen if this was your son that was tackled? What will happen this upcoming year if an assistant coach tackles the new coach’s son? What will Bishop Dwenger do if a student tackles another student in the hallway? Finally, what will Bishop Dwenger do if a teacher tackles a student in the classroom?
  6. My apologies in thinking you were angry. I will also read the rules and if I’m not supposed to discuss this kind of thing here, I will stop.
  7. I never said there was a police report nor did I imply it was swept under the rug. I stated facts as I read them. One of my “opinions” would be a police report should have been filed by the school based on what I’ve read. It’s strange they didn’t based on what the player’s father said in the article, which was he didn’t think this guy should have been hired because of what happened. To me, (again, my opinion) this says what happened (the school admitted to a tackling) was bad enough to to warrant filing a report and let an outside person take a look at it. And the father should not have been put in thr position on whether or not a report should be filed. Finally, I don’t think most people knew this happened back then. I still don’t know what the entire story is, which was the point(you seem to be missing) I was trying to make in the post you responded (somewhat angrily) to. If you know what exactly happened more than what school said, please share it here.
  8. Bishop Dwengers 2014 schedule. MaxPreps. http://www.maxpreps.com/m/team/schedule.aspx?schoolid=04ddb173-8db6-424e-8fa1-dc55702ff93b&ssid=7be2029b-2a43-4c19-b206-cf60f0499343 The other 2 links are attached above. Did I do something wrong here? I used very reputable news outlets and a leading HS web site for an old schedule. I read the articles and repeated what the admin and coaches said. The only reason I took the steps of reading again was in response to Coach G telling me I am missing several details. I then asked him to tell me the details if he knows something else not in the articles as I am all about the truth.
  9. A link to One of the media outlets is what actually started this thread. I’m not sure why you are doubting the legitimacy of the sources. The 2 I have used are the Journal Gazette and. News Sentinel. http://www.news-sentinel.com/sports/2018/03/27/bishop http://www.journalgazette.net/sports/high-schools/20180330/matter-of-principle-for-opponents-of-dwenger-coach
  10. My understanding of the two incidents being discussed here: The Snider girls coach was suspended for 1 game for grabbing players arm. He resigned after the season. The Bishop Dwenger coach was suspended for 1 game for tackling(some people have said he also hit) the player. The suspension was for 2 weeks but it was preseason and only caused him to miss 1 game. And as HoopsCoach said, was promoted.
  11. With all due respect sir, you should read Mr Philpots quote in the article. To me, it doesn’t appear that he is ok with the hiring. As far as what his son, who was tackled, thought of the incident. Outside of his family and friends, no one really knows. If you would have done any research on this topic before you patronized the OP, you would have discovered this story has a tragic twist to it in regards to the player.
  12. I just hope the entire thing gets resolved soon. For the sake of all the players.