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  1. WhoDat

    SIAC Week 6

    Reitz 42 Reitz 21 Central 35 Harrison 13 Bosse 8 North 3 MD 28 Castle 24
  2. WhoDat

    SIAC Week 6

    Thanks for the turf if we do meet up
  3. WhoDat

    0-9 and 9-0

    Evansville North will be 0-9 unless they find a way to beat Bosse. After playing both I see North going 0-9
  4. Yikes sectional 32 if that’s the case. I certainly can see B Allen making a run or 2 at a state title.
  5. If Southridge moves up and Memorial stays, where would SR be placed?
  6. I highly doubt anyone in 32 including Memorial feels like this year its already decided. 4 weeks left and anything can happen. But I am picking HH Friday in a close one
  7. Nope a sophomore and My answer was Memorial will be just fine and their QB is going to be one of the best in SW Indiana
  8. And we all know AP rankings are meaningless. GS has proved that theory to 100% true 5 times in 7 years. What’s Central have after their graduating class? SMH. Memorial will be just fine next year and they will have one of the most talented QBs in SW Indiana.
  9. I will as soon as you find where I’ve said how great Memorial is.
  10. 44, 32, and possibly another name?? I’ve seen you debate yourself on here. Get help!
  11. WhoDat

    SIAC Week 6

    Titan 32 has made his picks. Haha. Wonder when your other hand will chime in Titan 44.
  12. You still mad bro? You sweating Tigers 🏀🏀’s daily. Go look at your twitter. Can’t keep Memorial out of your mouth. Haha! People you need to learn that if you don’t pick GS Titan32 and his twin Titan44 will come at you. 😂.
  13. 3-2 and just got blasted by a 3-2 3A team, Caldwell County. HC is average at best. I can see them finishing at or around .500.