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  1. I do not believe the school is at fault here. It’s a shame because the kids lose out in the end. For KV’s sake, I hope they can hire an effective coach and establish some much-needed stability in their football program.
  2. Thanks for the lesson on Southern Indiana/Orange County football rat man and T. Your disparaging comments on football in my area are just a sad attempt to deflect facts. I was not making a comparison, just a statement. A statement that is accurate. Andrean? They were most certainly relevant state wide in the early 2000s, but have not remained consistently relevant. Back to the topic - Good luck to Coach Grunewald and the Mustangs!
  3. 8mpg

    Way too close to home

    School shootings are happening waaaaaay too frequently (one is too many). As these cowards continue to attack innocent people at soft targets, I am amazed at the lack of vision and depth of the public/media responses. It is so easy to demand action from our government. It is also easy to state the obvious - our schools (students/teachers) need to be protected. In other words, the solution always lies elsewhere on someone else’s shoulders. Accountability needs to go back to where it all starts; the home. It was understood for years the family is the foundation of society. As goes the family, so goes society. Our society long ago shifted away from these fundamentals. Parents need to get back to being parents again; not being friends or enablers. The shooter being “bullied” is usually offered up as a convenient excuse. Kids now are being raised since birth with inflated self-importance, entitlement, and the expectation that everyone will always be kind and the world will treat them well. When adversity hits these snowflakes are not equipped to deal with it. Also, the typical kid these days is so buried in virtual reality from video games that they cannot distinguish fantasy from reality. Parents - get involved in your child’s life. Ask them questions, hold them accountable, set curfews, sit down at the kitchen table and have a family meal - BE A PARENT! One last rant - I am so sick of seeing people on the news disrespect, taunt, and antagonize police officers. Are the police perfect? Certainly not. What ever happened to respecting the law and respecting authority? We need to do away with this divisive mindset that everyone is a victim and get back to individual responsibility.
  4. Since the early 2000’s, there has been one region high school football program consistently relevant state-wide: Lowell Red Devils
  5. R. I. P. Dave Miller. You are missed.
  6. Anytime there is controversy or conspiracy, just follow the money. Football and concussions are related because that’s where the money is and the argument is an easy sell. Football is under siege because our country is getting weak. The “I don’t want to play football because I don’t want to get a concussion” excuse gives lazy, pu$$ified kids an easy out. And whats worse? The parents who sit idly by and let it happen. Video games don’t cause concussions, just carpal tunnel syndrome and obesity. Video games are the perfect activity for today’s mindset; I can be whomever and whatever I want. If I don’t like it I can either hit reset or change games. No adversity, no judgement, no struggle, no hassle...perfect world. Considering the alarmingly high rates of childhood obesity, most kids will grow up and die from heart disease or diabetic complications long before CTE.