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  1. WDWarriors

    what contraction?

    1A Wes-Del High School in Gaston (Muncie/Yorktown area) has 45 players 9-12. The 8th grade class has 12. Since this current staff has been in place we have had no less than 40 players and as much as 50. Proud to report the consistent numbers for our program.
  2. Wanted to bump this conversation as to allow any 1A-2A programs to join the conversation. Some conferences are realigning conference games and could create scheduling issues for smaller schools.
  3. WDWarriors

    southside home school

    Wes-Del played Southside Crimson Knights Homeschool back in 2012 and 2013. Their 2013 team had some decent talent for a homeschool team.
  4. WDWarriors

    CIC 2018

    Blackford was asked to join Southern Wells, Shenandoah and Eastern Hancock in coming to the MEC conference. MEC has Wes-Del and Monroe Central that play football while Daleville, Blue River, Randolph Southern, Cowan, Union (Modoc), and Wapahani do not field football teams. And from my understanding, Blackford would not leave the CIC unless Southern Wells would leave the ACAC. So when Southern Wells declined the offer that meant Blackford would decline as well.
  5. Wes-Del High School is currently looking for a Week 8 opponent in 2019. There may be additional openings. Contact Head Coach Brad Hess bhess@wes-del.org if interested. Thank you.
  6. Watched a Muncie native, Jamill Smith, play at Muncie Southside and at Ball State. Hard to watch a CFL game in person but I did get to watch him win a Grey Cup on ESPN.