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  1. Titan44

    PAC Middle school 2018.

    Did the Tell City 8th beat South Spencer?
  2. It's not that bad, and you get to meet some friends in the process LOL.
  3. Titan44

    SIAC Sectionals Round 1

    6Qs would be fantastic.
  4. Titan44

    SIAC Sectionals Round 1

    Week 4 is now Southport going forward for the next 4 years I believe. We are stuck with Princeton week 5. If a worth while SIAC option had presented itself in week 1 during the last several years, the option above would have been looked at. We do all we can with our schedule, despite what the peanut gallery down south may want to believe. I believe it is valuable to schedule the toughest opponents you can for Freshman and JV, particularly given there is usually more flexibility there to do so.
  5. You can't possibly be advocating for a system where 9-1 teams don't make the playoffs? And for the record we would have beaten Jasper and they didn't LOL.
  6. Titan44

    SIAC Sectionals Round 1

    What was surprising about the SR game?
  7. I remember how bad we got screwed over by it in 1983, Vincennes went to the Playoffs and we didn't : Gibson Southern 9-1 Vincennes 9-1
  8. Titan44

    Big 8 Week 9

    This will be ugly, very ugly. I mean I get the 6 degrees from Jasper that you Big 8 guys play (kind of).....but come on man, it's Princeton.
  9. Titan44

    WEEK 9 - AP POLL

    It's a conspiracy.
  10. Titan44

    PAC Middle school 2018.

    From the area: Vincennes 7th beat Boonville 38-16 on 10-3-18. Memorial 7th beat Harrison 16-14 on 10-9-18.
  11. Titan44

    Sectional 32

    GS vs Princeton is also another inter-conference match up. The Big 8 is no doubt stronger than the PAC top to bottom and better "top to bottom" than in recent memory, although the level of the play at the top is most certainly down. That said there are three teams better than whoever you think the best team in the Big 8 is this year in the PAC now that SR is getting healthy. It's a shame we couldn't go to Vincennes again this year to take on you guys and the officiating crew LOL.
  12. Titan44

    Sectional 32

    1991 Results Boonville Date Opponent Score Aug. 30 Castle Win 14-12 Sep. 6 Jasper @ Win 19-18 Sep. 13 Gibson Southern @ Win 27-7 Sep. 20 Tell City @ Win 10-9 Sep. 27 Mount Vernon @ Win 14-6 Oct. 4 Princeton @ Win 49-7 Oct. 11 Vincennes Lincoln @ Loss 24-26 Oct. 18 Washington @ Win 41-0 Oct. 25 Seymour Loss 24-27 @ - Big Eight conference game Lincoln 1991 Results Vincennes Lincoln Date Opponent Score Aug. 30 Princeton @ Win 42-0 Sep. 6 Tell City @ Loss 35-42 Sep. 13 Mount Vernon @ Win 20-0 Sep. 20 Jasper @ Loss 14-20 Sep. 27 Gibson Southern @ Win 60-26 Oct. 4 Washington @ Win 38-0 Oct. 11 Boonville @ Win 26-24 Oct. 18 North Knox Win 40-6 Oct. 25 Evansville Reitz Win 17-14 Nov. 1 Evansville Bosse Loss 14-28 @ - Big Eight conference game
  13. Titan44

    Sectional 32

    Best chat on the Grid in a while. Lets go back to that part about how bad the Big 8 is, I like that part. LOL
  14. Titan44

    Sectional 32

    No worries. It is used to calculate your over all rating and out of state games not included.