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  1. I find that interesting. I have been impressed with North Centrals linemen this year with how big they are but they were owned by a much smaller offensive and defensive line of North Vermillion. I am not sure it would have mattered with the way North Vermillion dominated on the line.
  2. I am going to attend the NC-NV game tonight. I am hoping to see some good football. It could be an exciting game to watch.
  3. I have been really impressed with North Central this year. They have a very good coach. I found out this week that he is a Herb King (Loki) protege. When I found that out I liked him even more. You will not find a better coach than Herb (Loki) to have as a mentor. If the Tbirds are victorious will they make the short drive north to poop in Herbs yard? Has Herb extended an invitation for a victory poop in his yard?
  4. Chuck Shartz

    Sectional 47

    Enrollment has declined. That is definitely a factor. I think he has. I believe his wife is their board representative.
  5. Chuck Shartz

    Sectional 47

    It is true Zach. This year was the second year in a row that the Attica Red Ramblers did not field a junior high football team.
  6. Chuck Shartz

    Sectional 47

    Just as I suspected North Vermillion was victorious Friday night. Congratulations to the Falcons. What stands out to me though is how Attica battled against all the odds this year and still found success. Not enough players to field a scout team offense or defense and they still won 8 games and played for the sectional championship. I hope the Attica Red Ramblers can continue to field a football team but I am worried about the future. If they are unable to field a team in the future which school will benefit the most in football? Seeger? Fountain Central? Covington? Which school is putting in the most effort recruiting talented young Rambler footballers such as Jack Black?
  7. Chuck Shartz

    Sectional 47

    I think he got in under the Turkey Run clause. It states that coaches from Turkey Run will be allowed on the staff even without state championship game experience. That clause was added to keep the folks in the northern part of the district happy.
  8. Chuck Shartz

    Sectional 47

    According to my sources neither team will be missing any players tonight in the sectional championship game. This update brought to you by Redwood Alpines Goat Milk, the fuel that feeds the Seeger football revolution. #goatlivesmatter
  9. I will admit I was surprised that they have not missed their graduated players more. I did not think they would be able to replicate the same level of success but here they are undefeated. They are playing great defense this year.
  10. Chuck Shartz

    1A Sectional Finals

    As a WRC fan I am excited about the sectional 47 championship game. North Vermillion and Attica have played some classics in the past. I have seen both teams play multiple times this year. Attica will win if they can sustain long scoring drives and also create explosive plays on offense. It will be a big boost for Attica getting their starting qb back from injury this week. I think North Central will beat West Washington. I have been very impressed with what they have accomplished this year. Their coach is also very impressive. I do not think this is the typical North Central team. I think with Linton being in 2A this will be North Centrals sectional to win.
  11. Chuck Shartz

    Sectional 47

    Thank you for admitting you are wrong Bobby Collins. I hope you have learned from this unfortunate circumstance and will avoid bullying people who are different than you in the future. Now that we are friends again let me know if you need any grade A quality goat milk. I can get it for you on the cheap. My sources in Attica have confirmed their starting quarterback will indeed be playing tomorrow night in the sectional championship. I am still waiting for word from my North Vermillion sources as to who will play and who will not. I will update accordingly!
  12. Chuck Shartz

    Sectional 47

    Irrelevant Fonzi. Joe Kane still owes me an apology for bullying me. He said he would apologize and now he is going back on his word. I am starting to think he is really Bobby Collins instead of Joe Kane.
  13. Chuck Shartz

    Sectional 47

    Linus and Ricky are pleased beyond their wildest dreams! They never imagined their family goat herding business would expand beyond the immediate Shartz family. They also love the connection with Seeger benefiting from Redwood Alpines / Shartz goat milk. Ricky always wanted to play football for the Patriots but they could never get their goats to migrate that far east. Alas, Ricky was stuck playing his high school football over in the junior leagues in Illinois. Did you ever watch Wilkey play? Of course they would beat Pioneer with him toting the rock. He just never had that kind of talent around him.
  14. Chuck Shartz

    Sectional 47

    Joe Kane I applied the suppository that lead to the bowel movement. You owe me that apology if you are a man of your word. This type of behavior could seriously hurt your bid for the Heisman trophy Joe Kane. I am thinking about telling Coach Winters about your bullying. They did not give Wilkey the ball enough.
  15. Chuck Shartz

    Sectional 47

    I have good news Joe Kane. I just received a phone call from my wife and she finally pooped. I am waiting for your apology for bullying me. The Rockville teams of 2013 and 2014 would win the wrc championship and sectional 47 easily this year. That is my opinion based on watching the Rox many times during that era.