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  1. GS Titan 77

    PAC week 9

    It would be nice to see that on the boys side from our area. It was cool to see Tyra Buss and Jackie Young last year represent on the girls side on a national level.
  2. GS Titan 77

    Sectional 32

    I hate to agree but I too believe the Big 8 top 3 is better than the PAC top 3. And the remaining Big 8 teams would dominate the lower part of the PAC. I hope the PAC proves me wrong in the playoffs.
  3. GS Titan 77

    PAC Week 4

    Tec. 28 FP 7 GS 38 HC 21 Jasper 31 HH 21 OC 42 SS 14 TC 21 PC 0 SR 49 NP 21 I think GS has too many weapons on offense with Spindler, Butler, Witte, and Smith. The new QB will get his first test. Anxious to see how the front 7 do stopping the run tonight. It would be nice to go to 4-0 vs. HC I believe Jasper gets the win tonight vs. HH. Unless HH can get the passing game going. I don't think they can line up and run the ball over the Cats like they have the past few weeks.
  4. GS Titan 77

    The PAC Conference 2018

    I guess you weren't around for the O'Brien days.
  5. GS Titan 77

    Heritage Hills 3-0 at Jasper 1-2

    Especially with HH desire to run the ball and not take to the air.
  6. GS Titan 77

    PAC Week 3

    HH 34 - 7 GS 70- 7 SS 27 - 7 SR 55 - 0 No good games in the PAC this week. Eyes will be glued to the Big 8 and SIAC. Coach Edge should get his first coaching win for the Rebels. And HH and SR should both roll. The Titan D that some are saying is as good as 2015 shouldn't get tested until Henderson County comes to town next week. The D looks to be improved at almost every position over the last 2 years.
  7. GS Titan 77

    Mount Vernon at Heritage Hills

    I think Mt. Vernon will be much improved this year. Good group of juniors with another year of Brunson coaching them up.
  8. GS Titan 77

    The PAC Conference 2018

    Scrimmages tonight!! So will the new receiver transfer from Central suit up for the Titans tonight against the Bears? I'm hearing good things about him, good hands and speed. I ready to see this young group of Titans play.
  9. GS Titan 77

    The PAC Conference 2018

    Think it will be a 3 horse race between GS, SR, and HH. Southridge has got a great group coming back and will be ready to knock off the Titans in the season finale. GS should be reloading with the freshman Allen at QB and weapons in Butler at slot, Spindler in the backfield, and Witte at wideout. An athlete in Smith that can be used all over the field. Defense should be formidable with Singer playing more on the DL, Martin & Plasse at LBs, and Smith as a DB. The defense could be the surprise of the season. Plus a very strong kicker in Williams. HH will always be in the mix. Will HH run much wishbone this year?
  10. GS Titan 77

    SW Indiana football 2018

    Haven't heard how good he looked at the camp. But heard he played well at the 7on7 at Center Grove. I think he has the ability to be one of the best GS has had. Week 4 vs. Henderson County could be the first time he faces adversity on a Friday night. I'm really looking forward to that one. He definitely has the size and arm strength. But I'm not sure starting as a freshmen shows how good he is now or is out of necessity of best available.
  11. GS Titan 77

    School Fight Songs

    I don't believe Haubstadt, Ft. Branch, or Owensville's fight songs were set to that. I think there were too many people against consolidating at the time to use anything from one school. SCHOOL SONG GIBSON SOUTHERN, Maroon, gold, and white GIBSON SOUTHERN, Ready to fight with might United one with strong loyalty There is nothing we can’t do Go you TITANS we back you Onward to victory! GIBSON SOUTHERN, Maroon, gold, and white GIBSON SOUTHERN, Proud, bold, and hard to hold United one with strong loyalty There is nothing we can’t do Go you TITANS we back you Onward to victory! T-T T-I-T A-A A-N-S T-I-T-A-N-S (spell it out) TITANS – TITANS – WE’RE THE BEST
  12. GS Titan 77

    School Fight Songs

    Gibson Southern's is set to the Minnesota Rouser
  13. GS Titan 77

    SW Indiana football 2018

    Greyhound 3175, you do realize in the Hart era that is 6 years - either the team that beat GS or the team that beat the team that beat GS has won the state championship in 5 of those years. And who do you really follow? And my understanding is that #12 Witte will be the backup this year for the Titans. Also look for Andrew Smith to play a role in the offense in key situations. And for possibility of having 3 kids that could play QB on the field at the same time, not sure really how that would make the offense more dangerous. Can't do a double pass or halfback pass every series...lol.