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  1. Coach was it 3 backs over 1,000 or all 4? My memory is slipping with old age, but I could've sworn they had 4 1,000 yard rushers that year.
  2. Woody Hayes

    Sectional 47

    When I read this I heard it in Steven Tyler's voice from the song lol
  3. Woody Hayes

    Sectional 47

    Wouldn't worry about the one calling you a coach. It appears his elevator doesn't go all the way to the top floor, if you catch my drift.
  4. Woody Hayes

    Wabash River Conference Week 9

    Yes in the previous six years, but not really this year, mainly due to conflicts with my daughters' volleyball schedules and family events. Some things that have been really good for program alignment: 1. Attending lower level games 2. Installation of some base offense concepts/schemes that carry all the way up to the varsity level. 3. High school coaches putting on coaching clinics for the youth coaches. 4. Members of the high school staff coaching in the youth league. 5. Coaching the 5th/6th grade spring football season myself. 6. My personal favorite last year, "Wednesday Night Lights". The youth teams picked different Wednesday nights to have an inter-squad scrimmage on the high school field. The high school players and coaches attend and watch the kids play (and eat pizza). After the scrimmage is over the high schoolers and youth teams take pictures together on the field. I think this is all pretty common stuff done by other coaches around the area. Travis Brown comes to mind. He's done a ton of work with Covington's lower levels.
  5. Woody Hayes

    Wabash River Conference Week 9

    My ride wasn't quite as fancy.
  6. Woody Hayes

    Wabash River Conference Week 9

    I think I saw him driving this to the PH game a couple of weeks ago, but he had a passenger
  7. Woody Hayes

    Wabash River Conference Week 9

    Wolf blanket season is upon us. My scouts told me the selection at Newport was fairly normal over the weekend. It's probably too early to say, but I've got a feeling with Wolves fever taking over Parke County, wolf blankets will sell like hot cakes at Covered Bridge Festival next week.
  8. Woody Hayes

    Wabash River Conference Week 8

    You missed "Dueling Cowbells". lol Props to FC for showing up with their own cowbells. This match-up had produced some epic games over the last seven years.
  9. Woody Hayes

    Wabash River Conference Week 7

    Big Santa!!!!!!! Too bad the NV coaching staff lost all of the sideline eye candy over the last few years. Those guys were also good coaches.
  10. Woody Hayes

    Wabash River Conference Week 7

    His wife's job wasn't in jeopardy, it was eliminated due to budget cuts. That's the only reason he left NC. His assistant coaches at NV have been as good as, or better than him. Just ask him, he'll tell you that.
  11. Woody Hayes

    Wabash River Conference Week 7

    Nope. Crabtree's oldest daughter is a freshman this year, and his middle daughter is in 7th grade. It's well known that they will, barring unforeseen circumstances, graduate as Falcons. This isn't news to anyone who talked to him last year. Some things are so much more important than career moves. Family is all that matters.
  12. Woody Hayes

    WRC Week 6

    Herb has done a good job with what he's had to work with.
  13. Woody Hayes

    WRC Week 6

    I bet I can guess OldSage's favorite TV show lol
  14. Woody Hayes

    WRC Week 6

    I'm old enough to have seen "Beavis and Butthead do America" in the theater. That show was part of my high school experience.
  15. Woody Hayes

    Wabash River Conference Week 5

    One thing to keep in mind Peter. Any "land mines" that might soil the shoes of opposing coaches also have the possibility of becoming friendly fire for your chain gang. Still amazes me to this day that the visiting coaches that night at NV never had that thought occur to them. Like we would intentionally put our chain gang in the line of fire.