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  1. My wife and I were young and childless back then. We used to go to the Firebirds games. Even tailgated a few. I still have a Touchdown Eddie Brown jersey. Those were fun days.
  2. Woody Hayes

    Urban Meyer

    https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arachnoid_cyst Causes severe headaches. Meyer has been dealing with it for a while. He had surgery that made things better in 2016-2017. Unfortunately, it wasn't a permanent fix. So yeah, brain surgery might keep your kids home from school.
  3. Woody Hayes

    Nolting to Greenfield-Central

    I enjoyed watching Kokomo run outside veer in the state finals a couple of years ago. I love that play.
  4. Woody Hayes

    Nolting to Greenfield-Central

    Is New Prairie 4A or 5A? Would that be close enough?
  5. Woody Hayes

    Urban Meyer

    What else is new? Ol Pawwwwl has had it out for Urban for years.
  6. Woody Hayes

    Urban Meyer

    Your attitude of gratitude will carry you far in life.
  7. Woody Hayes

    Urban Meyer

    Oh, so not his guys from Ohio State though. I see. Maybe because he learned some things and changed after he left Florida. Fyi for folks that aren't boosters, the down votes are all coming from me.
  8. Woody Hayes

    What happened at Pike?

    I don't know Coach Chambers in any capacity, but what he has done at Howe and Marion is very impressive. Great job by Marion to go out and get "their guy". It's my understanding that they didn't wait and see once the job came open. Common theme seems to be if football success is important to a school administration, they are proactive in identifying and hiring the best they can get.
  9. Banks of the Wabash tonight. I can't speak to why he didn't make 1A Jr. All-Sate.
  10. Woody Hayes

    WRC 2019

    Maybe Covenant Christian, but Sheridan would surprise me. I didn't realize that.
  11. That's awesome, totally deserving. Sorry I missed that the first time. Now, Jack Kiser for Mr. Football. At North Vermillion.
  12. Each team is able to nominate five players. Pioneer got all five on. Kiser made top 50, they had one make the 1A senior team, and had three make 1A junior team. No political garbage there.
  13. Woody Hayes

    Georgia Tech HC Job Opens Up

    As a fan of the flexbone and wishbone offense, the thought of Tech doing something different on offense makes me sad. That said, I understand why they would want to go in a different direction. I had to make that decision years ago as well. Shotgun spread formations still allowed me to use option run schemes AND be in a better position to throw the ball when I wanted to. I've also found that the QB-RB meshes are much easier to learn in shotgun. That saves me time and reps that I can spend in other areas.
  14. Woody Hayes

    Breaking News : Brohm to stay at Purdue

    There are so, so many of these.
  15. Just proof that big school jobs are not necessarily better than small schools.