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    The PAC Conference 2018

    My all-time "PAC Attitude Era" list from the late 2000's when every team ran the ball 100 times a game or threw it long (North Posey), crushed each other for 10 weeks, then would steam-roll the playoffs until we ran against a team in semi state or state w/ actual D1 talent or an intricate passing offense. The good ole' days when we only had our honor (and not actual state championship rings) in the conference haha. 1. SS: The only "Real" football field on the list because it doesn't have a track around it (haha). When I was there (late 00's,) the bermuda grass was incredible. Heard the field has had some rough times as of late. The burgers are excellent. I'm incredibly biased. 2. HH: The way the stadium is built on the side of the hill is scenic. Real friday night lights stuff. Usually took an butt whooping there too, so maybe that builds the place up in my mind. Always had an awesome crowd. This place has forever made me hate "Welcome to the Jungle" 3. Tell City: Love that the stadium is in the middle of the city. Field relatively forgettable, but something about driving into that small town and feeling like you're the only action happening for 35 miles was fun. 4. Gibson Southern. Playing football in the middle of a cornfield was memorable if nothing else. 5. Pike Central: Do the visiting players still changed on the second floor of, what I remember to be, a prison? Just sticks out in my brain. 6- 8: The rest all kind of blend together.