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  1. Depends on what you're looking for. If pizza/home-brew beer is good for you, there's a place called Turoni's that's killer. Two locations near where you'll be, one on Main Street and the other on Weinbach Avenue. If you want some hardcore German/West Side of Evansville fare with a decent beer selection, there's a place called Gerst Haus out on Franklin Street. It'd be about 10 minutes west of U.S. 41. If you're looking for something a little pricier but a bit more gourmet, go to Walton's International Comfort Food at Haynie's Corner. It's on Parrett Street about 5 minutes west of U.S. 41, but an easy drive from Enlow Field. For sandwiches and beer, there's a Bru Burger that's in a renovated old Greyhound bus station (cool architecture) in Downtown, on Sycamore at Third.
  2. Ryan Reynolds

    Online live streams - SW Indiana

    No worries. Thanks for the info!
  3. Hello, all... Glad to have joined (and thrown some cash to) The Gridiron Digest recently. We compile a list of online broadcasts each week for courierpress.com for HS football games in Southwestern Indiana, and this week we did pretty good -- 16 out of 17 games, which you can see over on our website. My question is ... does anyone know of an online broadcast for Princeton games? They're routinely one I can't find, along with Tell City and Perry Central. I know WRAY carries the game over the air, but I can't find a streaming link. Any other SW Indiana ones we're missing? (We do Big 8, SIAC, PAC and Perry Central/Tecumseh). Any help is appreciated. -- Ryan
  4. My guess would be Reitz-Central in Evansville. They've played every year back to 1921. 109 games between the two schools.
  5. I don't think OC will give Memorial much of a problem. I get the sense Reitz is still trying to figure out its pass defense. Boonville hits an absolutely brutal stretch starting this week -- Vincennes, Jasper, Harrisburg (a traditionally strong So. Ill. school) and Lapel, which the IndyStar writer mentioned would be in the 2A hunt. If the Pioneers can find 2 wins in that four-game stretch, that's a good outcome.
  6. Down south: Jasper @ Southridge (Can Jasper rebound?) Owensboro Sr. at Reitz (Likely to be the most competitive of the four Border Bowl games) Vincennes Lincoln at Boonville (Should be able to tell much more about both teams after this game)