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  1. wctrojan12

    Sectional 41

    Don't sugar coat it the reason their % is lower is because PIONEER... NJSP might have had the stats but its because pioneer scored quick and gave them a lot of offensive possessions. Good luck stopping the panthers...
  2. TC- Sam Getz, RB.. Kale Lawson, Hunter Musser MLB NN- Ben Vanderwall QB, Colin Wagner RB, Garet Belt MLB WC- Camron Neeley QB, Alfred Daniel SS, Dalton Sizemore RB, Ethan White MLB NW - Brayden Bushman RB, Tean Reames MLB I dont know a whole lot of line guys sorry.... im sure there is some that deserve it
  3. wctrojan12

    Hoosier Conference Pick 'Em Week 8

    1 Point Games Northwestern @ Rensselaer - ren at home they roll to a W Hamilton Heights @ Cass Central Catholic @ Benton Central rough year for BC.. CC big West Lafayette @ Twin Lakes Stay healthy TL Tri-County @ Delphi- Tri County stay confident solid team.. this week find some other playmakers besides getz. throw the ball.. 3 Point Games Western @ Tipton West Central @ Frontier Rough stretch for WC.. Lost 3 of the last 5 in close games.. need a different formation besides wing t. Spread the field both qb's can throw. Expect Neeley and Sizemore to have big games. hopefully a nice win to build some steam for that tough sectional Eastern @ Sheridan North Judson @ LaVille Sectional 41 championship preview possibly but i dont believe Judson can hang around for long it will be close at half but the third quarter Laville takes over. Anderson @ Richmond
  4. wctrojan12

    HNAC Week 6

    west central does not have a jv
  5. wctrojan12

    MWC Pick E'm Week 5

    North Newton @ West Central Pioneer @ North White Tri-County @ South Newton Traders Point Christian @ Frontier
  6. wctrojan12

    Hoosier Conference Pick 'Em Week 5

    Tipton Cass Twin Lakes West Lafayette Western Triton Frontier Hobart Boone Grove Auburn Ohio St
  7. wctrojan12

    MWC Week 5

    hes a senior hes played all 4 years and is a back up quarterback and safety... i dont know why they dont put him in at wing when he isn't in at qb
  8. wctrojan12

    MWC Week 5

    Alfred Daniel
  9. North Newton @ West Central Pioneer @ North White Tri-County @ South Newton Traders Point Christian @ Frontier
  10. wctrojan12

    Gameday Scores

    West Central 46 Culver 43 7:43 left in 4th
  11. wctrojan12

    Gameday Scores

    West Central 26 Culver 21
  12. wctrojan12

    MWC Pick E'm Week 4

    West Central North Newton Clinton Central Tri-County Delphi
  13. wctrojan12

    HNAC Week 4

    We shall see it going to be a good game
  14. wctrojan12

    Conference Indiana Week 4

    Bloomington South Terre Haute South Columbus North Southport
  15. wctrojan12

    Region Pick'em (BIG 10) Week 4

    Chesterton Crown Point Merrillville Michigan City Knox Whiting North Newton Rensselaer Central Highland Hanover Central Hammond Morton