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  1. Pirate Pete

    2018 MSC-PLAC

    What game were you watching? I think you started drinking a little early this afternoon...
  2. Pirate Pete

    Hoosier Hills Conference 2018

    I don’t disagree with you on this point. However, the people calling for Silver Creek are forgetting that the Creek has never beaten Brownstown, and only beaten Charlestown and North Harrison one time each... It just seems to me that it is very premature to plug them into a larger conference when they haven’t been able to win the conference that they are currently in.
  3. Pirate Pete

    Hoosier Hills Conference 2018

    Brownstown is 6-5 in the last 11 meetings with Seymour. I think that they would be just fine against the HHC’s second tier. They may not have the same win percentage that they have in the MSC, but to say it would be insulting is interesting . You have no interest in a team that has pummeled the Silver Creek team that you want so badly every time they have played? Makes sense...
  4. Pirate Pete

    Hoosier Hills Conference 2018

    If that is the case, shouldn’t the HHC be actively recruiting Brownstown or North Harrison since they have been the class of the MSC in football the last few years? 😉
  5. Pirate Pete

    Hoosier Hills Conference 2018

    Silver Creek keeps getting thrown around, but has anyone considered that they may (more likely than not) have zero interest in joining the HHC? They are very competitive in most sports in the MSC, and if this is driven by football only, I can’t see them leaving. They had a nice ball club last season, but have not yet shown that they are ready to win 8-9 games each season against a MSC schedule largely in part for the fact that they have had a football program for less than a decade. Basketball plays several HHC teams each season already. If you’re Silver Creek, there is nothing appealing about joining HHC, unless you enjoy longer travels, or just want to take your turn at getting your teeth kicked in by Columbus East.
  6. Pirate Pete

    Hoosier Hills Conference 2017

    Is this official? Has he met with the kids? Has Coach Glesing been board approved yet? Didn’t they let Coach Browning go for someone not being board approved?
  7. Pirate Pete

    Hoosier Hills Conference 2014

    Coach Bless has done a wonderful job at North. That program just keeps reloading. We all know about the monster that Coach Gaddis has created at East. I'm with Cougar, CE/BN should be a dandy this year.
  8. Pirate Pete

    Hoosier Hills Conference 2014

    The same could be asked of you. Every off season you come on here and give us all of this garbage about how amazing FC is going to be. You fire off all of these unrealistic expectations (see last year's thread) and they never come to fruition. It is debateable whether or not it is a good program. FC is a decent (at best) program in one of the worst big school conferences in the state. This is not a comparison of Ctown and FC, because there is no data out there to support an argument either way. I am just giving you factual observations made over a long period of time.
  9. Pirate Pete

    Hoosier Hills Conference 2014

    So what you're saying is Floyd Central will be able to score, but won't be able to stop anyone... like always
  10. Pirate Pete

    Hoosier Hills Conference 2014

    Well good! This means that they should be able to run and jump quickly out of East's way to the conference championship....
  11. Pirate Pete

    CG Vs Jeffersonville

    Jeff's stadium holds about 5200 if memory serves correctly. Probably about the same number of yards CG will rack up Friday night...
  12. Pirate Pete

    2013 Hoosier Hills Conference

    No hate here, just bringing a different view to your posts. You don't seem to see the forest for the trees.
  13. Pirate Pete

    2013 Hoosier Hills Conference

    Funny that a team that had 70+ hung on them is now hoping that their opponents can keep the games close??? You had better hope that your D can stop someone in the next month or it will be equipment pick up day sooner than you think...
  14. Pirate Pete

    2013 Hoosier Hills Conference

    In recent history your beloved Highlanders were beaten by a little ole MSC team in Clarksville. I would also take Brownstown in a match up with your Highlanders this year. Looked like they handled lowly Seymour in a way that FC couldn't....Oh, but I forgot, you knew that the defense was bad this year. It is all about shoot outs at Floyd... For some of us that have been around a bit and know a little bit about some things, we can remember the FC teams that were coached by Ron Weiglieb. They could play defense. They also usually had a "very solid front 7".
  15. Pirate Pete

    2013 Hoosier Hills Conference

    FK was on here for months talking about how great the Highlanders would be this year, he made many hilarious statements during that time... I am just bringing up a few counterpoints to his position on things. With the schedule that FC plays you would certainly think that a "solid 5a program" would be able to pitch a shutout once in the last decade or so.