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  1. BadWolf

    NLC - 2018

    Predictions for tonights games? Memorial vs. Northwood - Warsaw vs. Wawasee - Plymouth vs. Concord - Northridge vs. Goshen -
  2. BadWolf

    NLC - 2018

    Ugly game in Plymouth. 5 INT's thrown by Rockies, D couldn't really stop Memorial. Surprised Memorial didn't go for 2 for the win in regulation. Kids on both sides played hard. Memorial should be proud of hard they played.
  3. BadWolf

    NLC - 2018

    I tell ya those Northridge kids play tough! Coach is doing a really fine job. Excellent game for the get of the week.
  4. BadWolf

    NLC - 2018

    I think it will be a tough game but NR has only scored 21 points over 3 games? Need more points than that. Especially with the opportunistic Rockie defense (5 INTs. 4 Fumble Recoveries) Now special teams, that's another story. 2 kicks returned for TD's. That's concerning.
  5. BadWolf

    NLC - 2018

    is this the last year for the old field?
  6. BadWolf

    NLC - 2018

    Where have you heard about speed? I just saw one post about it but they didn't expand or explain anything.