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  1. HoosierFootball4

    Mid-State Pick Em - Week 6

    Decatur Central 35-21 Mooresville 42-21 Greenwood 24-14 Martinsville 28-21
  2. HoosierFootball4

    Midseason Projected LOS Matchups

    6A- Warren(Interested to see them matchup with Brownsburg or Avon, but don't see it being extremely close) V Carmel -Warren 5A- New Pal V Cathedral (DC v Cathedral sectional winner has a good chance to make a run to state) -New Pal 4A- Dwenger V winner of Evansville Central/East Central Regional (Mooresville will play winner in semi-state) -winner of EC's 3A- Chatard wins a close one over Memorial V Luers- Chatard 2A- Winner of Triton Central v Scecina Sectional V Eastbrook - Winner of Triton v Scecina wins it all 1A- Pioneer
  3. HoosierFootball4

    Mid-State Pick Em - Week 5

    Martinsville Big DC by 2 TDS Whiteland Big Plainfield by 7+